Food Dehydration, Why it’s so great!

Have you heard of Food Dehydration yet? It is becoming more and more popular now with families for many reasons. Food dehydration has been around for centuries, and it is one of the oldest methods of preserving foods.  I know people who still can and freeze their foods, but food dehydration is an easy process that helps keep some money in your pockets.


So What is Food Dehydration?

Food Dehydration is when you remove water and moisture from a food or product, basically drying it out.  This helps foods become smaller and even lighter. Making dehydrated foods the best for healthy snacking along with taking on the go. Dehydrating your foods is great for the holiday seasons when you have some leftover seasonal foods that you would love to keep.
Many will tell you that canning or freezing your foods retain more nutrition than dehydrated foods but that isn’t all that true. Dehydrating your foods helps to preserve more of the foods natural enzymes than canning or freezing.  As long as the food is dehydrated at a low temperature, your food can be just as nutritious as fresh food.


Why is Food Dehydration so great?

So many reasons! Let me tell you a few top favorites of mine…

Great for Moms and Kids. Dehydrating your foods can be so easy and simple, and even fun to do once you get the hang of it. Kids love to see the process of the foods from how they look in the beginning to how they end up at the end.  You can make so many different foods and snacks that are healthy and easy to take on the go for your children.

Dehydrated Foods can be used in so many ways.  You can add dehydrated foods to soups, or make your favorite healthy snacks like one of my favs, kale chips. You can make jerky, fruits and so much more.

Easy to store. Dehydrated foods can be stored at room temperature, and as long as they stay dry they are good to go in any room of the house.  They are so light weight and smaller after being dehydrated that they take up less space. Which makes for easy on the go snacking.

How do I Hydrate my foods?

There are a few ways that you can hydrate your foods at home using your Oven, toaster oven, the sunlight even. But I suggest purchasing your own Food Dehydrator.  You can purchase the perfect fit for you and your family and when you are not using it, it is easy to store and keep out of the way. Check out these Food Dehydrator Reviews and you can find out how to find your perfect fit. They have the Top 5 Food Dehydrators with some great reviews and pictures. Along with more information on just how to use your Food Dehydrator the right way.

Food Dehydrator Reviews.

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