3 Budget Birthday Ideas For Your Kids

There are many families out there struggling for money at the moment, and there are plenty of kids growing up without access to the finer things in life. Even if you’re not feeling flush right now, parents will still want to make a fuss for their children when their birthdays arrive. With that in mind, there are three budget ideas below that should assist you in making sure your bundle of joy has an amazing day they will never forget. Best of all? None of these suggestions is going to break the bank, and so they should work well for everyone reading this post.



Host the party at home


While it would be good if you could afford to hire a party venue for your little one, that tends to cost a lot of money, and so you could save a fortune by hosting the event at home. Clear your lounge and dining room of all furniture or ask guests to enjoy your garden. You should then have some cash left over to pay for some party food and a few gifts for your child. Make sure you invite all their friends and family members for the best outcomes. That is a useful strategy if you don’t have a lot of cash to spend on gifts. If you invite lots of people; your child will have more than enough presents to open.



Be the entertainment


Booking entertainment for a child’s party can set you back hundreds of dollars according to Martha Stewart and others. So, that is not an option for people who are struggling to make ends meet at the moment. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to refrain from providing entertainment altogether. Believe it or not, it’s possible to hire a clown suit for only a few dollars, and you probably have better makeup skills than you think. You can find guides online that show you how to make balloon animals and things like that. So, it’s possible to provide excellent entertainment for next to nothing if you don’t mind looking silly.



Bulk buy your “thank you” notes


If relatives come to your home and give presents to your child, it’s only right that you should send some notes of thanks during the following week. It’s possible to buy Giftsin24 monogrammed thank you notes and similar items in bulk these days, and that will help you to save a small fortune. If you still can’t afford to do that; nothing is stopping you from making the letters at home with your children. That will give them something creative on which they can focus their minds, and you can hand-deliver the notes if you can’t afford to cover the postage.


The three budget birthday ideas on this page should help all parents to save face when the child’s big day arrives, and they don’t have much cash in the bank. If you use these suggestions, there is a reasonable chance you won’t have to take out a credit card or get into debt to give your kids the birthday they deserve. Whatever you decide to do, make sure nothing gets in the way of your child’s enjoyment.

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