4 Excellent Gifts For Your Son Ready To Attend College

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When a child attends college, we begin to finally realize that they’re starting to leave the nest. For a few years at least, the majority of the year they will not be at home, but working to secure their future and better their intellectual prowess. All of this can feel quite exciting for the family, but make you feel a little saddened and the seeming accelerated pace of change.

Before your son leaves for college, it can be nice to help him with a pleasant send-off. We’re not suggesting you throw a huge party or make a big deal out of them leaving because doing so can seem quite artificial if it’s done out of a sense of obligation. Instead, gifting them something quite wonderful, unique and long-lasting can help you both remember this milestone in your family story, and help your son always remember the loving family he has at home.

Here are some excellent gift ideas to mark this wonderful and exciting occasion:


Learning more about beautiful watches on offer with updated designs and a timeless (pun intended) aesthetic can be a fun experience in itself. Gifting a special timepiece to your son can mean the world to them. A watch is something that lasts for a long time, that can be cared for as if a family heirloom. It can be a gift that helps regiment your son’s schedule while at university, as he tries to better himself and bring home that high-grade degree result. When I went to visit my son at university, one of his housemates was telling me about his Custom Basketballs and how much use he got out of them when practising.

A watch is an amazing gift because it lasts, especially if you buy a Tag Heuer watch! It’s not uncommon for fathers to hand down their watches to their children, and your son may do so with his son one day. With a sense of pride and accomplishment, this watch will be a silent companion for your son, acting a fundamental piece in their overall aesthetic, helping to inform their style. Thankfully, watch repair services are everywhere to be found, so even if accidental damage occurs, replacing the staff or typeface is always a possibility.

A good watch can mean the world to your son. It is why they will take pride of place in this helpful list.


The art of journaling is slowly being lost. Only people actively attempting to take part in this due to some form of forced introspection habit will often try to utilize its benefit. This is a shame when you consider the fact that journaling was often considered a highly therapeutic and necessary activity for our grandparent’s generation. Writing our thoughts for our social media pages simply do not have the same effect, as writing, editing and posting these attitudes will all be impeded by a lack of full honesty. A journal, on the other hand, can present our thoughts in a long form, excellent fashion. It requires a fundamental sense of reflection, something you may spend half an hour curating. A journal can help you organize your thoughts. It can sometimes help you work on something personal, allowing you to forget the myriad of responsibilities and working obligations you have – at least for a time.

Journaling is an essential part of figuring yourself out as a person. It can help orient someone, reveal true feelings to themselves, as well as allow someone to work through difficult issues through stream-of-consciousness writing alone. A beautiful leather bound journal, or perhaps a collection of them, and a high end writing pen can both serve as a wonderful gift, allowing your child the ability to document their story in college and reflect on their time here. This can be quite a beautiful process for them to do, especially if they have the usual troubles opening up. Males can often be quite stoic and withdrawn about the hardships they face, and everyone feels a sense of real discomfort and worry during their first few weeks at college. Allowing them this outlet only they know about could prove an incredibly healthy habit to gift them.


If you’re more into gifting long-term, sustained services for your child to practically benefit from, you may decide that opting for a subscription package is the best option here. Thankfully, there are many to choose from. For example, it might be that you decide to gift them a high-end series of therapy sessions online or with a face-to-face practitioner, helping them emotionally regulate themselves through the hardships of a university. You may decide that their sporting degree requires them access to first-rate facilities, perhaps purchasing three-year-long memberships at the most premium gym in town.

You may also decide to pay for essentials, such as their vehicle insurance for this period, or even perhaps help them purchase a cheap and cheerful vehicle to help them with their studies. Of course, a better gift does not always mean a more expensive gift. A heartfelt and appropriate gift means the most, even if this does mean spending more or less than you were expecting. Thankfully, a subscription can serve as a practical convenience and a targeted option that both offer them saved money and utility while showing your willingness to care in every way.


Just like a watch, a beautiful high-end jacket can last for many years. You may decide on a beautifully stylized leather jacket just light enough for the warmer months, or perhaps a thick parka that will last them through each and every winter, even perhaps allowing for a comfortable sleep if necessary (we’ve all been there.) A jacket can be a beautiful item because it will hold memories of home, especially if an encouraging message of love is sewn into the inner folds.

While your child’s temporary sense of style might serve as a potential marker for the aesthetic you choose, often going for a beautiful and well-constructed coat could be the only marker through which you inform your purchasing decision.

When your son attends college, it can be quite an exciting time. You will likely wish to send them off in the right manner. With these humble gift ideas, you’re sure to help your child feel nourished and appreciated as they begin to make their new life away from home.

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