4 Places To Take Your Child For A Fun Unique Birthday Experience



Your child will only have so many birthdays before they leave the nest, so it’s up to you to make the most of each one. You might have held a few parties at home thus far, and invited your child’s classmates round. This was appropriate because the age where they could appreciate a full hired birthday experience was yet to come.

However, now your child is a little older, and you feel like now is the time to give them a unique and interesting birthday, maybe with a few of their friends. But what should you do? You don’t want to do the standard plan of hiring a hall space and playing party games because you’ve probably been invited to a few of those this year yourself.

How can you provide a truly unique experience? This list will show you how:


Why not take your child to a beautiful children’s boutique? They’re sure to appreciate it. Talk about a luxury time to provide your child with. Not only will the good boutique’s have some beautiful toys, products for you and your child to peruse, but your child will also be able to play with the toys while you or they make their decision. It’s a great way to gift them the perfect present, by bringing them to the store yourself and letting them pick out what they want. It’s a way to show that you trust their independence and responsibility, and it will show them something valuable about the whole shopping process.

Child-Friendly Restaurant

Why not let yourself and their friends all attend a child-friendly restaurant? It’s a great way to have a birthday celebration because it allows them to visit their friends while eating, and you might even be able to arrange a birthday cake to be brought out. Going for a meal is a good, safe yet unique way to celebrate your child’s birthday, depending on what restaurant you go to.

For example, if your child likes pizza, instead of visiting a pizza fast food joint, why not go to a professional Italians, that shows you your pizza toppings being cooked in an open plan restaurant kitchen? Your child is sure to be entranced. Who knows, you might have just created a budding future Chef.


Just the word ‘playpit’ will strike an energetic bolt into the hearts of most children. Even most adults wish it was socially acceptable to run around an indoor well-designed play-course. These facilities are so used to entertaining children, they’re likely to have interesting birthday package options. You might even be able to provide a simple lunch for your guests and provide them with an entertainer after.

Nature/Farm Walk

If you live in a built-up city or town, never underestimate the benefit of taking your child for a nature or farm trail walk. Allowing them to see the beauty of nature and the variety of farm animals will give them a natural reconnection to the environment, and they’re sure to love it. Hours can be spent exploring the contours of the landscape and farming land, just be sure you’re mindful of their little legs and don’t expect them to walk too much.

No matter what you choose, providing an experience is usually the best way to go. The best part is, you don’t need to choose between these options, you can try out one each year. Each is sufficiently different to provide a beautiful yet unique experience. Be sure to have fun!

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