4 Super Gift Ideas For Your Special Son On The Cusp Of Manhood



Our sons are worth celebrating because they help keep us grounded in the effort to raise a responsible, healthy man. Preparing them for a competitive culture can be difficult when it comes to what life lesson to teach them, and they may even act up in their ascent to adulthood, but on the whole, they make us who we are and keep us loving, loyal and down to earth.


If your son’s birthday is coming up, but you have no idea what to purchase him as a gift, you should check out the following list. If you’re a mother, it’s not an easy task keeping up with the modern trends that young lads like, but there are gifts that you can inspire them with during their search to become a responsible person. Keep an ear out for items they might suggest they desire, especially at the breakfast table. When they mention Amazon here, you can be sure they’re subtly suggesting something.


Without further ado, here are the items any young man, no matter his temperament, will be happy to receive.


A New Watch


A good watch is the staple of any man’s wardrobe and gifting him one can serve as a nice memory of his transition into manhood. A well-built watch speaks of stability, reliability, efficiency and accuracy. These qualities will hopefully blossom in his progression into young manhood, and maybe one day he’ll pass the watch to his son.


Shaving Equipment


Every young man develops facial hair at different ages, but not every man learns to shave well until he possesses the right equipment to do so. Purchasing him a sturdy, solid safety razor, not the disposable razors that are heavily advertised these days, alongside a book of shaving strategy will help him develop good grooming habits that will last his whole life. A safety razor is superior to a standard disposable razor because it can give a closer shave, requires little maintenance and is a tool that lasts for a long time. Helping your son embed good shaving practices now will help him grow in confidence and simple presentability.


Weightlifting Manuals


Not every man desires to be strong or athletic, but every man should have a basic understanding of exercise and do it regularly, in order to keep a healthy mind, a healthy body, and ward off diseases. Coupling this purchase with a gym membership could help your son grow in confidence through all areas of his life, especially if he’s about to attend college. Exercise will help keep him happy and active when the work stressors and inevitable responsibilities of life pile up.


Driving Lessons


Learning to drive is also an important skill to learn. Once they pass their test, they’re able to keep that for the rest of their lives, and so it’s a positive thing to help fund a few lessons for them. Teenagers tend to learn better than adults, generally speaking, so it’ll be best if you help him get this duty out of the way now.


If these ideas don’t fit with the temperament of your son, consider having a conversation with him about what he’d like for his birthday. If he’s not sure, this list is a fantastic resource to fall back on. Encouraging your son at this vital stage of his development will place him on a path to becoming happy, healthy, and wise.

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