4 Things New Mothers Might Not Know About Breastfeeding



You learn a lot of new information when you get pregnant, and your little boy or girl starts to grow inside of you. It’s a weird and wonderful experience that can’t quite be explained to anyone that hasn’t been through it themselves. If you’re pregnant, them one of your biggest choices to make is whether or not to breastfeed your little one when they arrive. If you decide that it is for you, then you’ll learn the basics pretty quickly. However, there are a few things that aren’t always explained to you while you’re pregnant. Read on if you want to know some of these little secrets.


  1. You Should Avoid Soap

As a new mother, you won’t have the energy to do a lot of things, but showering and keeping clean should still be high on your list of priorities (especially since you’re going to get covered in pee, poop, and puke on a daily basis). However, while you should stay clean, you should avoid putting too much soap on your breasts. This can cause the skin and your nipples to dry out and start to crack, which will definitely be incredibly uncomfortable. Wash everywhere else with soap if you want, but stick to just warm water with your breasts.

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  1. Drinking Is A Grey Area

You’ll often be told that drinking is a definite no-no when you’re breastfeeding, but this isn’t quite true. While you shouldn’t be encouraged to drink, a small amount of alcohol should be okay. However, you definitely shouldn’t feed your baby just after drinking, and should instead leave it at least three hours, and use stored breast milk. Despite this, drinking can lower your milk supply, so you might want to avoid it full stop. If you’re having trouble avoiding drinking, then this rehab center might be able to help.


  1. You Can Eat A Little Extra

If you have been eating for two throughout your pregnancy, then you’re in luck; You don’t have to cut back on food just yet. You need an extra 500 calories a day when you’re breastfeeding, so you don’t need to feel bad for having an extra serving at dinner. However, a poor diet can affect your breast milk, so make sure that the extra food that you’re eating is full of vitamins, minerals, and, most importantly, calcium.


  1. You’ll Become More Confident

Confidence, boldness, and a willingness to stand up for yourself are some of the most unexpected side effects of breastfeeding. Of course, all mothers are amazing and bold, but, because breastfeeding moms have to constantly defend why, when, and where they breastfeed, they learn to deal with these situations a lot more calmly, will become less stressed in everyday life, and will generally become more confident.


Breastfeeding is just as much of a rollercoaster as pregnancy, but like pregnancy, it’s a magical and amazing experience like no other. Hopefully, this will help you know a little more about what to expect when you start breastfeeding.

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