5 Things You Only Discover When You Fall Pregnant



Pregnancy is, without a doubt, a learning experience. A wonderful, amazing time, but nevertheless a learning experience. Perhaps that’s a good thing, given that it’s going to prepare you for the next 18 years (at least!) of learning on the job when it comes to motherhood. Best to get the practice in while you can.


Along with the essentials you have to learn while you’re expecting, you’ll also discover a few curious things about yourself and the people around you. How many of these do you recognize?


#1 – Everyone Wants To Touch You


Before you were pregnant, how many people saw you and immediately rushed forward wanting to put their hands on you – all without invitation? The answer is probably the sum total of zero, because that’s just not how people behave. Sure you would hug your friends and your significant other, but strangers? You kept a polite distance from one another.


Then you’re pregnant, belly out in front of you, and apparently, your bump is utterly irresistible to anyone and everyone. They want to touch and ask you intimate questions about the baby’s sex and your birth plan before they have even introduced themselves. It’s weird, but it’s also inevitable.


#2 – Everyone Has Advice


Everyone. Every single person has got some nugget of wisdom that they couldn’t possibly not share with you.


They want to share their morning sickness remedies; recommend their favourite stores and websites; sign up here, go to the doctor there, click here for more info on this revolutionary thing that made their pregnancy better; click there for advice on problems you didn’t even know you had; subscribe to this mailing list and do that prenatal yoga…


It’s exhausting, especially as you literally don’t have enough hours in the day to follow everyone’s advice. You know they’re just trying to be nice, but you’re seriously suffering from a case of parent-to-be overload.


#3 – Pregnancy Isn’t Nine Months


That was a fun surprise, wasn’t it!


#4 – Morning Sickness Can’t Tell Time


The idea that pregnant women only feel nauseated in the mornings is some kind of cruel trick. Many women will find they actually lose weight in the first trimester, thanks to their utter inability to keep any food down. The fact we continue to call it morning sickness in general culture is, frankly, insulting.


#5 – You’ve Never Been So Tired


There’s a theory that suggests that pregnancy is so exhausting because it’s preparing you for those first few tough months of life with a newborn. That one doesn’t quite fly though, does it? Surely it’d be better biologically if you stocked up on sleep during the pregnancy, harvesting it away while you can?


Exhaustion – not nausea – is actually the most commonly-experienced symptom of pregnancy. You suddenly discover that you can’t make it through an episode of your favorite TV show without dozing off, and you begin to long for your bed every day around noon. Thankfully, as the first trimester passes into the second, many women begin to feel much better and leave the exhaustion behind them – but you’ll remember it for a long time to come!


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