A Helping Hand For Your Parenting Stresses

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There are many words to describe parenthood. Joyful, exciting, and life-changing are just a few of the adjectives we often hear happy moms and dads say. However, there is another word to describe parenting that isn’t so positive. That word is…


Parenting isn’t easy. Despite the many wonderful aspects of being a parent, we are sure you are in agreement with us. However, there are ways to overcome some of the more common parenting stresses that affect many of us, and in this article we will be looking at just a few of them.

Stress #1: Trying to keep a clean and tidy home

As a parent, you have to give up on the idea of having a perfectly clean and tidy home. With children in tow, there will be drink and food spills, muddy footprints, and extra clutter to deal with. However, you can take steps to alleviate the problem. The first is to commit to some minor renovations to make your home child and cleanliness-friendly. So, you might want to swap carpeted floors with something easier to clean and mop up, such as the laminate floors at carpetone.com.au, for example. You might also set up house rules for the younger members of your family, such as ‘leave a room as you found it’ (assuming it was clean in the first place), or ‘put away one toy before playing with another.’ There is plenty of advice online, so do a Google search and pick up some tips from those parents who have managed to achieve a clean home, despite having children.

Stress #2: Listening to those dreaded two words – “I’m Bored”

Keeping children entertained isn’t easy, and it’s especially difficult during holiday times and at weekends when they aren’t at school. As a parent, the last thing you want to hear in your ears all day are those infernal words “I’m bored,” so you do need to find ways to keep them occupied. Thankfully, you can do this without spending a fortune on new toys, games, and cinema tickets, as there are low-cost ways to entertain them. When at home, you might want to have a film night (or afternoon), with age-appropriate movies your children have selected on Netflix. You might want to set up baking or craft activities to entertain and educate them. You could play dress-up, or play games together in the garden. And if your local church has a holiday club out of term time, you might want to send your children along, whether you decide to stay and volunteer, or take the opportunity to have some me-time while they’re otherwise engaged.

Stress #3: Dealing with the school run

In many households across the country, many parents are struggling with the school run in the morning. Getting children out of bed is the first stress. The next is trying to get them dressed on time. And then there’s the problem of breakfast, and trying to get them to eat while they’re in a tranced-out state! It’s not easy, and many parents struggle to cope. However, there are some suggestions here that might be useful to you, so have a read, and hopefully, you will pick up a few tips to help you deal with those difficult and stressful mornings.


We haven’t covered every parenting stress here – there are too many to list – but we hope our suggestions have been useful to you. Let us know what you think, and if you have any other advice for parents reading this article, do the right thing, and share your wisdom with us.

Thanks for reading, and happy parenting!

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