Blossom A Love For Music In Your Little Ones



Every parent knows that the best way to keep your children happy and excited is to give them some form of creative pursuit. It’s essentially important for a child to have space to explore and celebrate an endeavor like this, and it can help their development tremendously. As a parent, it’s almost so important that you provide them with something along these lines that it could be considered mandatory. Every child, no matter their skill, will have absolutely no problem or self-consciousness in drawing, singing or dancing, it’s the reflection which plagues us as adults that can prevent us from trying these pursuits. Give your child every chance to start them early with creativity.


First, ask them what they’d like to try. Don’t expect them to be great or naturally talented at all. Don’t expect them to continue the pursuit through their whole childhood. What matters is that expose them to it in the first place, and that you continue to help them develop if they take to it and they ask you to. The benefits of doing so are hard to overstate. It will show them discipline, the pursuit of learning, and the positivity involved with getting better at a task. No matter the skill they actually develop, these life lessons taught early will benefit them throughout the entirety of their time on this earth.


But what is best to encourage your child to begin as a hobby? We’d argue the following:


Music is the number one method for giving your child an instinctual understanding of a hobby which defies language and borders. Not only is learning an instrument brilliant for spurring their creativity, but it will give them instant feedback of how good they are, and how well they are progressing. Reading sheet music will help them understand and stay open to interpreting other languages or symbols in the future.


However, which instrument should you start them on? Well, any they show an interest in learning. This could involve purchasing them their first ever drum kit, a beginners guitar of which the FG800 is a great example, or even scouring online for the best violin and violin teacher. Their school might offer them lessons, and these are usually very cheap to pick up, as government subsidies often encourage children to take creative pursuits like these. If not, there are sure to be many brilliant guitar teachers offering reasonably priced lessons if you simply look around.


For your own peace of mind, it’s important that you set your child up with a space to practice that won’t get on your nerves after a busy workday. The only way your child will ever get better is to allow them to practice. Show them continual support and tell them when impressed with their playing for you. Attend their recitals, allow them to apply for grading’s, and encourage them to join their school band or even form their own as they become teachers. A lifelong love of music will spur them in all the right directions socially, progressively and potentially financially, so the benefits are hard to exaggerate.


Who knows? This pursuit might even encourage you to pick up that instrument you put down in childhood.



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