Hand designed Birthday Cards from Blow!

When it comes to Birthdays and sending out Birthday Cards, I am the worst! I sometimes have the hardest time finding the perfect cards, or I usually forget to send them. There are so many websites that claim to offer the perfect Birthday card which makes finding a great website to buy a personalised card very difficult! Forgetting to send them off is probably my biggest problem, I still have my son’s thank you cards for his birthday last year that I forgot to send out! And my mom, I made her a card this year and had no clue where I misplaced it. By the way, her birthday was in April. How embarrassing.


Blow Birthday Cards can help you find the perfect card, and they can even send it for you! Blow Birthday Cards are the best way to get real birthday cards sent really fast. Their website is easy to use, and you can even sign your birthday cards with your own handwriting just by sending a picture from your phone!

Blow Birthday Cards are the first to sell birthday cards online-only, each card is designed by independent artists. The goal of Blow Birthday Cards is to encourage people to celebrate their loved ones in a thoughtful yet convenient way. This is a great website for on the go mom’s, or just on the go families who may have large families. You can even save birthday dates after you send your card to remind you next year to send them another.

There is a card for anyone on this website. You can choose who it is for, your mom, brother, dad, grandmother, friend, any loved one or friend. You can also find a card to fit their personalities from favorite animals, chocolate lovers, shoe lovers and so much more! The search bar is located at the bottom of the home page, and you can search through and click a letter to pick something he or she likes. Or choose what kind of card you are looking for, who your card is for and even their age. Take a look at some of the Funny Birthday Cards.
This website is so easy to use and full of so many unique handmade cards that you are sure to find the perfect card for anyone. I love that they have the feature that you can sign your cards with your handwriting and special message. It’s easy to use, you write whatever you want out on a blank sheet of paper, take a picture, and they send you a text to send your picture back to the website. It is all pretty quick to use, if you are not happy how it looks, you can adjust the size or try again.
When you are finished choosing your card, you can decide to have your cards mailed directly to the birthday boy or girl. You can insert your return address with their mailing address and Blow Birthday Cards does all the work for you. How simple!

img_2430My son and I chose a Penguin birthday card for Daddy (Aiden loves Penguins and Daddy’s Birthday is this month), I let Aiden write out his own message and we put it in the card. When the card arrived I was amazed at how perfect it turned out. It looks exactly how Aiden wrote it on the paper, and it even looks just as if he had done it himself in a pen on the card. The pictures and quality of these cards are awesome, they are thick durable cards with gorgeous photos.

img_2436-1The next card I chose to do, was a card for my mom. Her birthday has passed (like I said before I lost her card. haha), but I chose to just make her a card for no reason because well she is my mom and I love her…duh! 😉 I love the bright colors of the flowers, the pictures is just perfect for her. And the quality of my handwritten message looks great. When I wrote my message, I did use a sharpie on paper to make sure that it showed up nicely. Aiden used a pen and it still worked fine.

img_2428We also chose a birthday card that is blank so we have one on hand to send off (just hope I do not forget this one). We chose this one because well we love us some dogs and I just found this card hilarious and cute at the same time.
I also received a nice little card myself, Chris from Blow Birthday Cards sent me a card thanking me for using their website. I thought this was sweet and it had a Gator on the front, which I am a Florida Gator fan and this arrived just before the Florida-Georgia game this weekend. 😛img_2438
From now on I will be using Blow, I will have no more worries of forgetting to send off my cards or even forgetting birthdays. 😛 You can take a look at the Blow Birthday Cards website here, find out about the cardmakers, or even just learn more about Blow!blowstamp



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