Breathe Easy With These Asthma Management Tips

Did you know that the number of children who suffer from asthma is increasing year upon year? No one is quite sure why so many more children now suffer from this health condition but, thankfully, most of them grow out of it by the time they hit puberty. In fact, very few people still have asthma in their adult years.

If your child has just been diagnosed with asthma, you will have been given an inhaler and all the necessary medication to help manage the illness. Following these tips can also help you ensure your child can breathe easy.

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Don’t Expose Them To Smoke

People who suffer from asthma always need a clean source of air. Otherwise, their airways can quickly become blocked, which can trigger an asthma attack. If you are a smoker, it will be worth switching from regular cigarettes to an arizer air vape pen. Vaping cuts down on the amount of smoke in the air, ensuring your child is always breathing clean air. It is easy to pick up vape diy kits online, or in-store at many vape stores. If you aren’t a fan of vaping, then you should always smoke outside. However, if you do have children you should really try to stop smoking as it will help them hugely. Getting vape pens is a lot cheaper then buying cigarettes so you might be able to save yourself some money as well if you do switch to vaping. If you are thinking that you would prefer to start vaping instead of smoking (as this will cut the smoke in the air hopefully), then it might be a good idea to check out something like Licensetovape.

Remove Allergens From Your Home

There are some allergens that can also trigger asthma attacks, so it’s important that you remove these from your home if possible. Pets such as dogs, cats, and guinea pigs, can shed their fur around the house, which can sometimes be a problem for asthmatics. Your child might also find it difficult to breathe in bed if their duvet is filled with natural feathers. Thankfully, there are lots of synthetic duvets that are free from any allergens.

Know The Early Symptoms

Most of the time, your child will show some early symptoms when they have an asthma attack coming on. It’s important that you know what all of the early warning signs are so that you can spot them as soon as possible and give your child the required attention and treatment. The usual early symptoms include rapid breathing, persistent coughing, and pressure on the chest.

Educate Other People

It’s important that you educate your family and close friends who have regular contact with your child so that they can also spot the early signs of an asthma attack. Make sure your child’s teachers, babysitter, and caregivers are also very aware of the symptoms and know what to do in the event of an attack. That way, you can leave our child in the care of others without worrying about them having an asthma attack in their presence.

Have An Action Plan

You should work closely with your child’s doctor to create an action plan. This can then be used if your child ever has a serious asthma attack. It should detail exactly what you should do, whether that is to give your child some medication and try to manage it at home or if you should take them straight to the hospital. Make sure your child’s teacher also has a copy.

Asthma attacks can be very scary, especially for young children. All the above tips can help you prevent them a bit more, though.

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