Christmas Gift Guide: A Look at the Perfect Gifts for Teenagers

One of the most common searches at this time of year is “perfect gifts for…” teenagers and grandparents seem to be groups that pop up a lot. When the kids are young, it’s easy. They have their favorite toys and characters, shows they watch on TV, and there’s plenty you can buy them without having to give it much thought. But, as they get older, it gets much harder.

They seem to spend all of their time sitting in front of screens offering barely a grunt when you try to communicate with them. If you ask what they want it will no doubt be games or other devices. But, as parents and carers, we don’t want to encourage the screen addiction. Don’t get me wrong; they can be incredibly useful. But, your teenagers are entering the last few years before life gets serious and you want to remind them that there is fun to be had in the real world too.

Here’s a look at some perfect gifts for teenagers this Christmas, whatever your budget.

Driving Lessons

If you are shopping for an older teen, driving lessons are an excellent option. While many kids learn with parents and take drivers ed at school, buying them extra lessons with a qualified driving school can help them to become a better driver and feel more confident on the road once they pass their test.

This is a present that can give them extra freedom, the chance to learn something new and be useful to them for many years to come. While driving lessons can be expensive, it’s worth it for peace of mind that your child is a great driver when you send them out onto the road on their own for the first time.

If they are a little young for taking their driving test, young driver lessons and courses are also available. These can give them a great head start when the time comes, be really good fun and at the very least get them away from their beloved screens for a few hours.

A Car

If they’ve already had lessons, or you are planning on teaching them yourself, a car is a next step. For a first car, you’ll want something that is incredibly safe and has passed all of the relevant safety tests, and that is sensible and functional without losing it’s cool. Young drivers don’t want to be driving around in what they’d consider a granny car after all. If you don’t quite have the funds, you might want to consider 123auto and their auto finance options for a great range of cars.

When it comes to buying a car, your choice can have a huge effect on the insurance costs. Ensuring a first-time driver can be very expensive, and you’ll want to look at the auto insurance liability minimums and find ways to reduce the costs. Newer, safer cars tend to be significantly cheaper to insure than older or faster cars. So, think safe and sensible. If you’re struggling to find affordable car insurance, you should try using a handy car insurance calculator, to help you to quickly and easily compare providers and reach the best decision.

A Camera

Most of us now take pictures on our smartphones, but it’s never quite the same. Teenagers are getting close to a fascinating time in their lives. They’ll be getting ready to leave school and their local friends behind to head off to college or start working. There are a lot of memories to be made, and a camera could be the perfect gift.

If you are after something fun and trendy a Fujifilm Instax could be the answer. They’ve really taken the old-fashioned polaroid charm and brought it up to date for a modern market. But, if you’re shopping for a keen photographer or someone with an eye for detail and a love of art, nothing can beat a good DSLR for picture quality.

Phone Accessories

If you don’t think they’d be interested in a camera, how about some accessories to improve their smartphone photography? A lens kit and a selfie light can allow them to take photos and video in much better detail and have a lot more fun with it.

Clothes and Shoes

Teenagers often fall into two categories when it comes to clothes and shoes. Scruffy and not bothered or hyper trendy and stylish. Whichever camp yours is in, they need clothes. Some new clothes or a pair of trainers such as some classic Vans or Converse make a great gift if you are struggling with ideas.


Headphones are the perfect example of how trends change over time. When we were teenagers, it was all about tiny buds that couldn’t be seen, moving away from the over-ear headphones our parents favored. Now, not only are over-ear back in style, they’ve got even bigger! Teens today see their headphones as an accessory that they want to show off, so get them a great SkullCandy Bluetooth pair.


Glasses are so trendy today. Gone are the days where kids got teased for wearing specs. Now even those that don’t need a prescription are wearing clear glass in stylish frames. If you are unsure of their prescription, you can always buy frames with clear glass and a voucher for a test and some lenses to make sure they are just right.

A Kindle

A Kindle or eReader are great options for teens. Especially those that travel to school or are on their way to college soon. They will be able to download course materials as well as their favorite fiction, so they’ve always got plenty to read without having to carry a small library on their backs wherever they go. To make it an even better present, accessorize with a cool book cover case.

An Activity Tracker

Keeping fit is another thing that’s suddenly become cool. Kids today are taking an interest in their diets and exercise routines. Even those that hate sports are wearing activity trackers and competing with their friends to see who can do the most steps. Get them a Fitbit to encourage them in this healthy hobby.

Buying for teens doesn’t need to be difficult, just think about what they enjoy doing, and what others in their peer group are doing. Shop around online for more ideas.

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