Classic Kids Shoes for Little Ones

When it comes to buying shoes for kids, whether they are for your own kids or a gift for somebody else’s little ones, you’re going to be up against a bit of a challenge. After all, you want something that meets their practical needs but looks good at the same time. The best way to achieve this is to invest in classic brands and designs. These are still around because they have stood the test of time, yet are still highly desirable in terms of aesthetic. So, let’s take a look at some of the best options out there that come in both kids and adults sizes!

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Nike Air Jordans


Air Jordans are one of the most desired styles of sneakers in the world, so it’s not all too surprising that we want to dress our little ones in them too. After all, what’s cuter than matching adult and kid shoes? An extra bonus is that seeing as their shape and build is designed for playing basketball, they have great ankle support too! Perfect for little ones who are learning to run or are already running around all over the place. For a classic-looking pair, check out the retro 11 space jam editions that are on the market.

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Converse are a cult classic, beloved by individuals from all sorts of subcultures and personal styles. Chances are that every time you leave the house, you’ll see someone sporting them. They’re lightweight, they’re comfortable, and they have good grip, helping the wearer to avoid trips and slips. While these traits are great for anyone of any age, they’re especially useful for kids who often find difficulty in finding well-fitting shoes to run around in. The good news? Converse come in kids sizes as well as adult sizes! There are also kid-friendly designs that incorporate cartoon characters and comic heroes into the mix! Take a look at the Toy Story, Adventure Time, and DC comic shoe lines!


Dr Martens


Anyone with kids will be well aware that standard or low-quality shoes wear down quickly. If the sole of the shoes isn’t slowly detaching itself from the upper of the shoe, chances are that laces or velcro straps are breaking or holes are slowly being worn down in the soles. How to best avoid these problems? Invest in a pair of Dr Martens. These shoes have a classic Airwair sole which can stand the test of time, with particular pairs even holding a lifetime guarantee. They are waterproof, oil proof, and made of sturdy leather (or leather alternatives if you opt for a vegan version). Your little ones really will have a tough time destroying them! There is also a wide range of colors available and even collaborations with brands such as Adventure Time and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


These are just three options that you could try out, but they’re some of the best on the market! Not only are they sturdy and practical, but they will fit your little ones well and look great all at the same time. Perfect!

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