The College Care Package: Handy Things To Send Your Son While They’re Away

Time flies when you’re having fun, and your child must be having lots of fun because somehow they’ve reached the age where it’s time to go to college. This can be a bittersweet moment for any mom. You’re undoubtedly happy and proud of your son as they’ve grown and matured into an adult and graduated high school successfully. But, you’re sad because they’re going away for most of the year and you won’t see them as much.

Also, you can’t help but worry. It’s almost like it’s a mother’s job to worry sometimes! As such, now and then, you want to send them a little care package full of gifts that they’ll find useful. If you’ve got a son in college and want to send him some handy gifts, here’s my idea for a great care package:


A Grooming Kit

It’s still weird seeing your baby boy with a beard, but that’s just the way life goes. Now, you know they’re gonna get lazy in college and let their beard grow out more and more. So, if you can send them some items to stop them looking like a tramp, it’s always a bonus. Include a little grooming kit in your care package with some razors, shaving foam, and maybe even some beard brushes if they insist on keeping it long. At least with the brushes they can make it look more suitable. With this kit, you’ve helped your son look more presentable when they go to class every day.


Instant Coffee

Coffee and college students are a match made in heaven. It’s almost impossible for your son to make it through one semester without relying on a hot cup of joe. So, send them lots of instant coffee in your care package, and you’ll supply the with the caffeine boost they need.



You’ll be amazed at how much stationery your son will lose during their first term in college. They’ll come back at Christmas and tell you they need new notepads, pens, pencils; everything! As such, send them some in a care package, and they won’t waste ten minutes every morning searching for a pen to take to class. Also, send paper too, a lot of colleges charge you for using their paper when you print stuff out. Save your son some money and provide printing paper.


Alarm Clock

Your son is probably like every college student and uses his phone as his alarm clock. No doubt he’s also been late for class as his phone ran out of battery or the sound was turned off. Prevent him from getting in trouble for lateness by buying a really loud and aggressive alarm clock. You can get some with wheels that race around the room and force him to get out of bed to turn it off. Trust me, they’ll never be late for anything again.

Combine these things together to form the ultimate college care package. I guarantee your son will thank you for this as all of these things are going to help them out massively!

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