Contacts Every Driver Should Have Saved to their Phone

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When you take to the roads, it’s a good idea to have a variety of different contacts saved to your phone. It would be nigh on impossible to memorize every single number you could need in a time of emergency – the emergency services is perhaps the one that the majority of people are able to remember – but having numbers saved to a device you generally carry with you at all times can help you to get into touch with important individuals should you need them! Here are some to note down!


Do Not Use Your Phone While Driving


Before we get started, let’s take a moment to clarify that you should not use your phone while driving. This dramatically increases your chances of having an accident. Instead, if you need to use your phone to contact anyone, you need to pull over and park up. Turn your engine off, then proceed.


Your Insurance Provider


If you experience an incident on the roads, you’re going to have to inform your insurance provider. They will then be able to rectify any damage that you may have caused to your own vehicle, another’s vehicle or any property. You should provide them with details like the make and model of vehicles involved and the contact details of anyone else involved.


A Lawyer


If you have been involved in an auto accident before, you may have experienced physical or mental harm that tends to come hand in hand with huge medical bills. You may also have had to take time off work in order to recover. A relevant lawyer will be able to create a case on your behalf and may be able to claim compensation to cover these costs and prevent you from slipping into debt while you are already suffering in other ways.


Breakdown Cover


Many people make the mistake of assuming a friend or family member will be able to come to their assistance should they experience a breakdown. But this isn’t always necessarily the case. You don’t schedule breakdowns and your loved ones may be out of town, you may be out of town, or there may be other reasons that people can’t come to help you straight away. Instead, it is best to use a professional service and take out breakdown cover. This will give you the option of calling out a trained and qualified individual should you break down and they will always be there in a relatively short period of time. They will literally just be a call away, as long as you have their number saved!


There are, of course, other numbers that you might want to have saved to your phone. But these are just a few that you should save to start with! They could all come in extremely useful should you experience a problem on the roads at some point or another.

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