How To Cope With A Less Than Perfect Driving Record

Busy moms are masters of multitasking. They can complete several tasks at very high speed. This is a talent that has developed out of necessity. After all, moms have so much to do just to take care of the house, the family, and their work. Add any personal errands, and you might just become prone to slip-ups or mistakes. Like running that red light. Like not stopping at the junction. Or like speeding to get the kids to dance class on time.


A less than perfect driving record isn’t something you can ignore these days. There can be many repercussions from a simple speeding ticket that can cause endless problems for years to come. So what might go wrong in the future for you if you end up with a traffic offense on your driving record?


Your Car

Most moms need to drive their car every day. The kids need dropping off and picking up and dropping off again. It can feel like you’re just a taxi driver sometimes. How would your children get to their recitals or little league practice if you didn’t have the car? What about picking up all the groceries? Sure, you might enjoy the benefits of a delivery, but they don’t turn up the moment you realize you’ve run out of milk.

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If you have a traffic offense, your insurance company might refuse to cover you. It’s essential you check the small print of your policy. Even if you haven’t voided the policy for this year, you might struggle to get one next year. At the very least, it’s fair to assume the cost of insurance after speeding is likely to skyrocket. And if you have any outstanding fines, some cities like New York reserve the right to suspend your driving license altogether. No license, no taxiing the kids around.


Your Job

Many employee contracts these days have terms and conditions that are complex. Some of the tiny print wording in there might refer to your lack of a criminal record. Should you be arrested or successfully prosecuted, you might be dismissed from work with no notice. You can spend time behind bars for some traffic offenses. Some states are keen to prosecute for everyday violations. Whether you end up in prison or not, you still have no income to support your family if you are fired for your traffic offense.

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If you do have a history of traffic violations or any criminal prosecutions against you, there is a chance you won’t be able to get another job very easily. Many employers do full background checks. You certainly wouldn’t be able to work with children, seniors or other vulnerable people. You probably wouldn’t get a career in finance or the law! You definitely wouldn’t get a company car or a job as a driver. When you’re slapped with a ticket on the road, it can cause serious repercussions in your life.


What Can You Do?

As soon as you get a ticket from a traffic cop, you need to find a lawyer that can argue your case. To find the help you need, you might look at websites like to see who you need to speak to first. Getting someone on your side quickly can help resolve the problem quickly. The longer this is outstanding, the more problems that could come up. Gather your own evidence of the events of that day too. Keep a diary or journal so you can note things down as you recall them.


While it can be tempting to get the fine paid as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of further action from the state, you need to consider the repercussions of that action. You’re admitting guilt which could still bring about all the problems with insurance and employment discussed. Paying the fine doesn’t guarantee that no further demands will be made of the state. It might not stop your licence being revoked. You might have to take another driving test, or even face prosecution. Get a lawyer on your side quickly and ask them the best course of action.


Avoiding The Problems In The First Place

When you’re really busy, it can be difficult to find the extra time to take it easy on the roads. But as you can see, you might not be able to afford any other approach. So where can you get those few extra minutes? Leaving early might mean you have to start your day a little earlier. You might even have to sacrifice one or two tasks or activities in the day to get everything else covered safely. It’s not good for your stress levels to always be in a rush.

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You might have to get the kids to give up an activity each a week. Or maybe they need to choose activities closer to home so you can avoid using the car altogether? High stress levels and too little sleep can leave us unfocused and prone to making mistakes. If this sounds like you, then why not spend some time addressing these issues? You’re important too, and you’ll be much better able to take care of your family’s demands if you’re not tired and frazzled! Get to bed on time, and give yourself time every day for relaxation.


The Benefits Of A Clean Driving History

A clean driving record might offer a brighter financial future for your family. Your insurance costs won’t rise steeply, and you’ll have more career options open to you with a spotless record. You might find it easier to hire vehicles like RVs for vacations. And safe, careful driving tends to cost less in fuel and cause less wear and tear on the vehicle.


It’s not easy to avoid rushing. And it’s definitely not easy to avoid every little traffic violation that there might be out there. But it’s good to try! If you have been issued a ticket lately, start by contacting your lawyer to find out the best way to manage it. And even if you do have a record, you can start working toward clocking up some ticket-free years!


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