Don’t Let Money Get You Down In The Dumps

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Financial problems are one of the biggest causes of depression in the US. It can make people feel so alone when in fact they are one of millions with the same problems. When it appears that everyone else is better off than you it just compounds the situation and makes you feel even worse. Improving things is down to you and making yourself feel better might not give you any more money, but it will make the problems easier to cope with.

Behave As Healthier People Do

Behaving in the way healthy people do will not give you any more money. It will save you some and make it easier for you to cope with any challenges you face.

Make sure you get enough sleep, steer clear of alcohol and eat a healthy diet. Fresh food is cheaper to buy than processed foods and much better for you. There are lots of simple and cheap recipes online to help you with this, and you may well find they are a lot tastier than the ready meals you have been eating.

Exercise will make you feel better as well. When you are active your body releases endorphins and these send feel-good messages to your brain. Exercise is good for your physical and mental health and no matter how much you do not feel like it, you should force yourself to exercise at least three times a week.

Face Money Issues Head On

Money problems will not go away if you ignore them, in fact, they will get worse.  You need to face them head on and should start by making a list of everything you owe together with the monthly payments you have to make.

Really, then you have two main options. You could speak with your creditors and see if they will let you reduce the payments for a while. They often will if your financial problems have been caused by illness or losing your job. They are not so keen to help if you are in a mess because you have overspent though.

The other option is to have a debt consolidation loan. This works by lumping all your debts together and paying them off. The new loan is usually a lot less than you were paying out on several smaller debts, and it will be for a fixed period. You then pay the smaller payment every month till the end and then you are dent free.

The secret to this working is to cut up any credit cards you clear so that you cannot be tempted to spend any more money on them.

Save Some Money

Once you have sorted all this out you need to try and save a little bit each month. You may be surprised at how quickly the money grows and then if you need cash urgently, you will have some to fall back on.

If you get a pay rise at work, a good idea is to split the amount you are better of by into two. Have half as some extra money in your pocket and the other half add to the amount you save.

No one’s debts are insurmountable; it just needs a plan in place and the self-discipline not to spend on anything you do not really need.

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