Do you have a hard time finding the perfect game for the family fun night? Let Q help!

*I received these products for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased personal review opinion.*
We recently had the chance to try out the Q Wunder game, which my little guy fell in love with quick!

qs-race-to-the-topThe set came with a Q’s Race to the Top Board Game which children help Q race to the top of his treehouse by answering questions and performing some fun actions.  Questions are designed to help promote feeling identification and verbalization, manners, social skills, creative thinking, balance and coordination. The board game comes with four different play pieces, which are cute little monkeys like Q! We are huge monkey fans, so this was a big plus for us. The die that comes with this game is perfect, it is large, children can handle it comfortably in their hands, and it is large enough to count the dots. The color you land on is the color card that you choose. Blue, are you cards, Red are Go cards and Green are Q cards.


  • img_1880You cards (Blue) are questions about you. These are ideal for manners and positive behavior, creative thinking, dealing identification and verbalization, communication skills and self-awareness.
  • Q cards (green) are used to advise what you should do in a different social scenario, whether it is with family, friends or neighbors.
  • Do Cards (Red) may look like silly actions, but studies show that to developmental and emotional self-control, children must learn to control their arms and legs through balance and coordination. My son is about to be 5 and still needs this help. 😛 I swear, it took him FOREVER to learn to jump. haha


I love that there is no time limit in this game either, no need to rush the children, give them as much time to answer their questions. It is a great game for both you and your kids. There is a “power-up” or “power down” spot; these places are marked by the white monkey faces, and you move along the dotted line to the end of the arrow. Then answer the question, or perform the action for the space that you land on.



We also received a Q’s Race on the Go Pack! This is great on the go game; we keep this in our vehicle now. Q’s Race on the Go Pack offers 90 question and action cards in a convenient carrying case. The case is a small metal like container that can fit in a book bag or like us, just the back seat. These are perfect for road trips when you are stuck in the traffic (which seems to be all the time in Atlanta) or even when you are waiting for dinner at a restaurant. So much better than passing a phone or tablet to entertain the children. img_1878

This cute little guy is Q time Buddy! This is one I am thankful for, this adorable furry friend helps to develop focus and attention span with a simple breathing exercise. The little cuddle buddy is perfect for the daily quiet time for you child when they need to slow down and breath. This is perfect for my son ; lately, he has been having some rough days. We introduced this Q time buddy to help and try to calm him, or even distract him from the things making him upset. It helps a lot with after the quiet time with actually talking out the problems, rather than whining and crying, or even screaming about them.


picmonkey-collage123456789There was also a Q’s Coloring Book and a Q’s Wild Ride Read-Along Storybook that comes with a CD. The coloring book allows kids to help Q navigate through important social scenarios through visual identification as they color in his wild adventures. There are coloring sheets, count by numbers and more. The Storybook comes with a CD which is great for a road trip also! Or even with those little ones who can not read yet, or those learning to read. Kids join Q on his wild hovercraft ride as he races to the ballpark on time for the game. All while learning important lessons along the way!qs-wild-ride-read-along

Aiden and I have been sick for the past two months, and we received this whole pack for a party. Unfortunately, we had to cancel our party but I did send out a newsletter in an email for our friends and family to share this awesome Q Wunder packs. You can find more information and videos on their website. There is so much fun for your children and yourself in these products. You can also try out the app Q Wunder – Social & emotional skills = Fun! By EQtainment, LLC. The app is available on the Apple Store and Google Play.  You start off with 20 easy and quick questions about your child, then you are ready for a 30 trial of the app. You can decide to purchase for $7.99 a month or $64.99 a year.

The Q Wunder App is parent and kid friendy, you unlock Q’s World and your child can learn game changing life skills through customized content. Some examples are the Q Wunder interactive kids’ show, Original Pop Songs, Music Videos, Fun educational games and bonus feature. You can track your childs journey through Q’s World, along with their progress on building their social and emotional skills. There is also a Parent Corner full of well of course Parent stuff! 😉



We have gotten a lot of positive feedback from our pictures and videos that we shared with our friends and family members. We plan on taking the Storybook along with the Q’s Race on the Go Pack to school with my son and let them use it at school.  This is great for children 3 and up, and is so simple and an awesome addition to any family fun night at home!

*I will say that my son loved the games, coloring book, everything but the App, we are still trying to figure it out, he likes videos but he gets bored with them.*


Find out more about the Q Wunder App here!

And learn more about EQtainment, along with checking out their blog here on their website!

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