Express Yourself! Staples That Every Woman Should Have In Her Jewelry Box

You can be at the peak of your game when it comes to your appearance. Eye catching clothing, red bottom heels, glossy hair, perfectly painted nails and flawless makeup. But even with all this, you might still have something missing. The little touch that brings your whole ensemble together and gives you a little je ne sais quoi: jewelry. Jewelry can make all the difference to your overall aesthetic. So what key items should every girl have at hand? Stick with us while we list the must-haves for every woman’s jewelry box.

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A Watch


A watch is the perfect finishing piece for any outfit. It can add an air of sophistication, style and best of all? It’s practical. No more pulling your phone out of your bag every time you need to check the hour. Now, where to start? There are so many different styles out there that there will be something to suit every kind of personality and taste. If you are health conscious, you could try a FitBit. These are multifunctional wearable devices that function as a watch at the same time as monitoring your heart rate, working as a pedometer and analyzing your sleep patterns. If you are outdoorsy and active, find a waterproof and shockproof watch. These will be able to withstand your physical lifestyle, meaning you don’t have to put your watch in for repairs every month. Less active and more leisurely? A purely fashion based watch will suit you better. Know your designers. Some will have big and blingy ranges, some (like Vivienne Westwood) are quirky and others are pure sophistication, offering slender and simplistic products.

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The Ring


If he likes it then he’s gotta put a ring on it! If you and your partner have been together for a while and you think that they are nearing a point of a proposal, make sure they know exactly what you want. After all, nobody wants to be stuck wearing a ring that isn’t their style for the rest of their life, do they? So do a little research. There are so many styles and designers out there. Opt for a reliable brand with beautiful stones and pristine cuts and finishes. Tacori is a good place to start. Then start dropping the hints or have an actual conversation on the subject with your partner. You know what you want and you should get it!




Earrings can speak volumes about someone’s personality. Piercings in obscure areas of the ear like the tragus, conch, and helix indicate a less mainstream individual. Subtle studs can suggest a coy or shy person. Big hoops can represent a fun loving party type. Pearls give an air of vintage sophistication. So choose carefully. But make sure that you’re well stocked, everyone can have different sides that they want to show off at different events!

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Nostalgic Jewellery


The 90s are back in fashion in full force and this includes jewelry too! So get nostalgic. Chokers, mood rings, and collars are bang on trend at the moment. So put your hair into some space buns and embrace it!


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