Why Family Night Is So Important

When you have a family of kids over the age of ten, life becomes a little disjointed. Little children have no choice but to do what you ask of them when it comes to a weekly family night. When you want to rustle up some fried chicken and go bowling, they’re all too excited to get involved and have some fun. Teenagers are a little harder to crack. The idea of being seen out bowling or ice skating with parents isn’t cool anymore, and so family night becomes something that few and far between rather than the weekly occasion it always was.

Finding and building your own traditions as a family is important. Family night is a time to build bonds and with work and school getting in the way of the precious time that you could be spending together quite regularly, it’s hard to keep it up. Life demands so much of us, that sitting down to watch the latest anime that doesn’t involve Pokemon can feel unfamiliar! Family traditions have been an important staple in the home and without those family bonds, things can break down. You don’t have to sit down together in front of the television and stare at one screen together. If there is one thing that should be done on family night, it’s putting down the screens and being together.

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You could cook, craft, head out into nature and cycle the paths of the local forests or along the beach. What matters the most is that you spend time together, reminding each other of the connections that you have. Game night isn’t something that has to cost much, either. Getting some popcorn kernels and different toppings to pop and flavor your own together at home is a great way to get started, before moving onto a pile of board games to bond over. Having a giggle as a family can help you get to know your children on another level. It can also help to teach your children to respect each other a people and not just siblings.

Teenagers may think a game night is a lame idea, but even your teenagers will be secretly happy about spending time with you, even if they can’t articulate it. You get moments with them that you will appreciate your entire life, and you get to have time together to remember who you are as a unit. Family night teaches everyone something new about each other and gives you parents a chance to shake off adulthood and get into the world your children occupy. Having fun baking a cake or challenging each other to international cooking night is a good way to have a little friendly competition and fun. Appreciating what you all have as a family can teach you everything you need to know about each other and love each other further.

Family are your first friends and your children are your love; kicking their behinds at Jenga is simply a rite of passage.


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