Finding Your Kids the Perfect Instrument

Finding your kids the perfect instrument can be a lot of trial and error. You’ve imagined them playing classical piano in the middle of a grand hall, or perhaps violin and you silently shed a tear while they haunting strings play some Bach. But, the truth is, while finding something that is more classical might been seen as worthier or that there will be more opportunities later in life – what about the fun factor? Does a classical piano really compare to a good quality acoustic guitar in terms of fun? We don’t think so. As parents we are often trying to gift our children with the things we didn’t have, the things that we coveted and later in life a typical one is ‘I wish I had learned to play an instrument’. The biggest gift you can give them is the confidence in whatever instrument they choose.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most fun to play instruments – simply for fun.

The Drums – who doesn’t love tapping their foot or nodding their head along to the beat. While it might sound like a nightmare for the first few weeks until they get to grips with it. If you aren’t too keen on the space aspect then, scale it back to some electric drums.

The Ukulele – Did you see that fantastic YouTube video of Somewhere Over the Rainbow? It captured the hearts of millions and was shared far and wide. It sparked a lot of people searching for Ukuleles and subsequently trying to find lessons, is the only place you need to go to learn more.

Photo by kychan on Unsplash

The Maracas – if you are working with some preschool-aged children, these go down an absolute storm. Not only does it help with gross motor skills, but it helps them to find a beat in music and can spark an interest in music throughout life.

The Recorder – while it might seem a bit like the drums, the recorder can help tiny fingers find a rhythm, learn to read music and again with the motor skills. Often, the recorder used to be the instrument of choice for many children in school between ages 5-11. It hasn’t lost its charm.

The Xylophone – in the school play there is always one kid who has to remember a count of notes on the xylophone – and they are great fun to play. So why not opt for this one? Children under the age of 1 get these in instrument packs, and children from the age of 3 and up can learn to play simple tunes.

Instruments can bring a lot to a child’s younger years. Learning to read music, learning to play to a beat, appreciating every type of music from classical to heavy metal and beyond. The fun factor with get them interested and spark some excitement to see them through the early part of the learning, and when it gets tough, you will be there to support them through the harder times. This will teach them that although not everything in life is easy, that sticking with it, showing determination and practice is going to get them through – life lessons worth holding on to. Before you buy an instrument, you could check out Instrument Find and read some reviews before buying!

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