Fun Gifts For Grumpy Dads



We all know that men are notoriously difficult people to buy for. Whereas with your mom you can always win with jewelry or a plant, your dad can be a tough nut to crack. If you want some new ideas for gifts for your dad this year, look no further.


For The Smoker


If your dad smokes cigars or through a pipe, a great gift to buy for him would be the best tobacco pipes you can find. It will be something that he’ll use every day and he will genuinely be happy to have it. You can also look at engraving a metal lighter or cigarette case for him.


Amazon Fire TV Stick


You may have heard of the fire stick and the amazing range of shows and films you can access, and this can be the perfect gift for your dad this year for his birthday. When you buy the stick, make sure that you download an app called Kodi and add the plugins for tv and movies and sport for him. He will be able to enjoy a huge library of TV, and watch the match when it is on the TV!




You will always be able to buy your dad something new for his toolbox, there will be items he either doesn’t have or which are simply too old to use. If you can find out what he needs, you’ll be able to get him something which he can get lots of use out of and which is genuinely needed for the home.




Men love beer, and if your dad is the kind of guy who appreciates a good pint at the pub, you can bring him some beer for his birthday. If you want to go further than buying him beer itself, there are some fun beer-themed gifts you can buy for him this year. For example, you can buy him a stein glass (a German beer glass), take him on a tour and tasting of a brewery, and even buy him a keg to use at his next barbecue.


Something Funny


Dads have a fun sense of humor. You will never fail to hear him telling some terrible joke at the dinner table or dancing like a lunatic to try and embarrass you as much as possible. You can play to your dad’s sense of humor by visiting a site like MenKind and buying him some funny gifts. It could be a grow your own Jesus, a game of toilet golf or a book about balding. Have some fun and wind him up!


A Day Out


If you are struggling to come up with a gift for your dad, you can decide instead it make some amazing memories and spend the day together doing something fun. You could take a trip to the beach and then treat him to a pub dinner, take him for a driving experience or even for a helicopter ride. All of these things will be super fun and will make some amazing memories.

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