Fun Ways To Nurture Your Relationships As A Busy Mom

Finding ways to nurture your relationships as a busy mom can be tough, whether you want to make sure you’re staying close to your partner or that you’re keeping your friends around you. Having a loving support network is one of the best things when you need advice, or simply a shoulder to cry on. However, many busy moms can realize somewhere down the line that their support network isn’t quite the same anymore. Of course, those who love you unconditionally will always be there when you need them, but that doesn’t mean you should take them for granted.


Life can get in the way of your relationships, so it’s up to you to carve out time to nurture the relationships that are most important to you. Here are some fun ideas that could help you to nurture your relationships as a busy mom!


Dedicate A Small Amount Of Time One Day A Week To Send Out Messages To People You Haven’t Spoke To In A While

Pick one day per week, say, your least busy day, and dedicate maybe 30 minutes to sending nice messages and notes to people you haven’t spoken to in a while. It’ll be nice for them to read a message from you saying you miss them or sharing a funny memory that you’ve been thinking of.



Take Lunch To A Busy Friend

If you know that you have a friend who’s busy too, why not take lunch to them? Perhaps they work in a busy environment, or they’re just going through a stressful time, like a bereavement. Show them that you’re there for them by taking them lunch. You could buy it, or make it, it really doesn’t matter. It’s the gesture that matters, and this won’t usually fail to put a smile on their face!


Buy Flowers For Somebody You Love As A Random Gesture

You don’t need a reason to buy somebody you love flowers, so pick a person and do it today! You could leave them outside of their door for them to find when they arrive home, or knock on their door and present them to them if they’re not too busy. Buy them for your own mother, a friend, a work friend, or somebody else you think deserves them. Flowers don’t last forever, but the way you make your loved ones feel does.


Send Out A Small Treat In The Mail

Why not send out a small treat in the mail? If your friends and family live a while away, this can be a thoughtful way to show them you’re thinking of them. Photo postcards are a great option, but you could send anything, from a book to a handwritten letter or note.


Schedule Online Coffee Dates

If you do have friends that live a while away, download Skype and arrange online coffee dates! 15 minutes out of your day isn’t going to make much of a difference, so make the effort and you’ll feel so much better. You may not be able to visit in person very often, so make the most of apps like Skype to keep things fresh and as they should be.


Ban Yourself From Your Screen

When you’re with your loved ones, make the effort to ban yourself from your phone screen. There’s nothing worse than people who aren’t actually spending time together. You’re not going to miss anything online if you look up from your phone, just put it away. It can be a tough habit to break, as they are designed to keep us using them for a long time, but you can do it.


Just Say Thank You

Don’t forget to say thank you to your loved ones when they have impacted your life in a positive way. Simply saying thank you can mean so much to them. You don’t have to write an essay. A short note over text or a thank you card may mean the world to them too.


Volunteer To Help

If you know your friend needs some time off from being a mom, your husband is struggling with work, or something else is going on, offer to volunteer in some way. You may need to make the effort to find the time in your own busy schedule to do this, but this is why it’ll mean so much more to them when you offer. They may not even take you up on your offer, but it’ll still mean so much to them that you asked!


Give Genuine Compliments

Throughout the day, aim to give at least 3 compliments to people. Compliments are a quick way to make people smile, but make sure you’re giving genuine compliments. If you give a fake compliment just to give it, people will usually see right through it and it won’t feel as good to anybody involved. Do your best to give real, genuine compliments!


Do Something New Together

When you have more time to spare, plan to do something new and fun together. Go to a class, do a new form of exercise, learn to cook vegan food, head out for a cinema date, go ice skating – there are really so many things you can do to bring excitement and novelty to your relationship and give it a renewed feeling. Having a coffee together is fine if that’s all you have time for, but try to plan something new and exciting every so often and see how that makes you both feel!


Remember, one of the worst things you can do as a busy mom forgets the people you love. Don’t push away your family and friends. Your friends may not be parents, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to spend time with you anymore. Make sure you and your partner don’t spend all of your time being parents that you forget to be a couple!


Assess your relationships and figure out what you can change to improve them. You might think that it’s not completely your fault you’re losing touch, and this may well be the case, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be the one to make a bigger effort.

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