Getting Your Kids Excited About Moving

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Worrying about the logistics of your move is one thing. For example, you might be struggling with selling your house quickly. That’s why it might be a good idea to check something like We Buy Houses to help you sell your house quicker. Once you’ve found your perfect house though, the stress doesn’t end there. You’ll need to find the perfect moving company (whcih can sometimes be quite stressful). If this is something that you are stressing over then it might be a good idea to check out someone like this cross country moving company. Even if you find the perfect moving company though, you’ll still be stressing out. However, worrying how the kids are going to take it is a completely different ballgame altogether. Although some kids will teak it in their stride, many kids will be devastated to find they are moving, especially if they will be moving far away from friends and family. It can be heart-breaking to see, but sometimes moving is just necessary.

So, what should you do? Check out these tips to get your kids excited about moving and perhaps they won’t have such a tough time of it after all…

Make It Fun

I know moving is rarely fun – it’s pretty stressful, to be honest – but you owe it to your kids to try and make it fun for them. Make a game of packing up boxes, reward them when they help you with move-related tasks and talk to them about designing their new bedroom to start getting them enthused for the move.

Keep Your Cool

If the kids do get upset, throw tantrums or cause you a few moving day issues, keep your cool. Think about how hard it is for you and multiply it by ten and you might get some idea of how hard the move is for them. So, cut them some slack, keep an even mood and get over it as quickly as you can. It’ll help your move to be more positive overall.

Spend Quality Time Together

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I get it, you’re preparing to move, and that means that you have a million and one things to do, but you know what? Your kids are more important than getting your boxes packed in a timely manner, checking with the removalists or picking out new furniture. So, take the opportunity that moving presents to spend more time with them. Take a trip to your new neighborhood, explore all the tourist spots and get them excited for all the new experiences that await them when the move is complete.

Give Them Tasks

Assigning tasks to each of your kids is a great way to get them more involved in the process, give them something to focus on and let them have a bit of control at a time when they might feel that all of the important decisions have been made for them. Tasks can be as simple as sticking labels on boxes or as complex as sorting out which stuff to keep, trash and donate. Just make the tasks as age appropriate as possible, and perhaps offer rewards for every task that is completed successfully. You could even make a competition out of it by seeing who can seal up their boxes fastest or who has the best bubble-wrapping technique.

Let Them Loose on Their New Bedroom

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Finally, and perhaps best of all, you should let the kids loose on designing their new bedroom. It is probably the best way to give them some control and make them excited for their move. You want them to be just as excited as you are for the move thanks to a company like Castle Rock CO. You might have really enjoyed looking at houses, but your kids probably don’t care too much for it. So, if you can, try and get them to be excited about designing their new bedroom. Sure, you might have to put up with fluorescent pink walls or camouflage carpets for a few years, but it’ll be so worth it if it helps the kids feel happy, safe and secure at your new place.

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