Getting Your Kids To Love The Great Outdoors



Do your kids get out much? In the olden days, children used to go outside at almost every opportunity, regardless of weather, and would only come home when it was time for dinner or too dark to see – whichever happened first.


But in these modern times, things are a little different. Kids have a huge range of entertainment options available to them, from games consoles through to tablets. And there are plenty of dangers that all parents worry about, too, such as speeding cars in the neighborhood and the threat of stranger danger.


However, encouraging your kids to love the great outdoors is just as important as it has ever been. It’s healthy, active, and good for both you and your children. Let’s take a look at how you can get your kids to love the great outdoors.



Don’t get frustrated

First and foremost, if your kids are stuck in front of the TV or a tablet screen playing games, the chances are they will howl, wail, and complain at the prospect of having to go out. And once you get them out, there is a likelihood they will howl, wail, and complain even more. It can be frustrating, of course, but their opinion of the outside world will be greatly influenced by their experiences in it – and if you get angry, frustrated, and disciplinarian in your outlook, they will remember that a lot more than they will remember the beautiful flowers and woodlands you walk through.


Bikes, trikes, and scooters


The sooner your kids start riding a bike, the better. It’s ideal for their independence, and it gets them healthy, too. As they get older, you can try them on dirt bikes and other ride on toys, which are both exciting and fun. As soon as your children get a taste of the open roads or riding through forests, you’ll soon find they start clamoring for more.


Encourage learning experiences


All kids love to learn new things, so use this to your advantage. Many parks will have kids’ nature workbooks which you can download from a website or pick up at the entrance – and they are a useful tool to keep the little ones interested. Failing that, why not make your own worksheets? Find out about the local nature in your community and get your kids looking for it. Activities like this encourage learning and help your children start developing respect and enthusiasm for the environment.



Nature trails


Why not go on a nature trail? Activities like bird or mammal spotting bring a lot of rewards for children, and they will love impressing you with their new-found knowledge. Again, it’s a healthy activity that gives your kids respect for the ecosystem that surrounds them.


Map reading


Finally, as your little ones turn into big ones, why not try a spot of orienteering? Sure, it’s easy to use the GPS on your phone, but the ability to get around just by using a map and a compass is an important one. It’s also an opportunity to learn things together, and the rewarding feeling your kids have when they get you from A to B with a simple map will be something to behold.


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