Gift Ideas For Those Awkward Teen Boy Birthdays

Buying gifts for boys is tough. You can’t fall back on the cute fluffy toys which always go down well with girls. Instead, you have to tread cautiously through the world of action figures and cars. It’s a nightmare. Things get even harder when those boys become teenagers. The years between boyhood and manhood are the worst ones for getting a grip on what they like. You end up buying socks and deodorant sets which won’t get anyone excited. It’s disappointing for you, and the teen you’re giving those gifts too. That’s why we’re going to look at a few more inspiring ideas for the young men in your life.


One thing all teens have in common is a love of music. When the world doesn’t understand you, nothing beats sitting back and getting lost in songs which share your experience. So, concert tickets for their favorite band are a sure thing. Of course, make sure you do know what music they listen to. It’s no good getting a rock fan tickets for the next big pop act. It’ll go down like a lead balloon. The good news is, it’s easy enough to find out what they’re into. Teens may not be talkative about a lot, but get them onto their favorite bands and the words will come spilling.

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Bear in mind that some concerts won’t be suitable for a younger audience. Rock concerts are a risk because there will be moshpits. More mature gigs generally have age ratings. Do your research before you buy tickets to ensure your choice is suitable. It’s also worth considering who can go along with the teen in question. The coolness of the gift will be ruined if their parents go along, too. Pick out a friend and ask their parent’s permission before you buy.


This is the time in which your teen will develop their moral standing on a variety of issues. As such, it may be worth buying them a collection of films with messages worth following. Options like Wonder Woman, as found on sites like Manly Matters, are a good bet for teaching them about gender equality. Films like Coach Carter also offer touching messages of diversity and hope. And, we can all remember how much we needed a bit of hope during those dark years, can’t we?


Depending on your teen son’s age, it may also be worth considering shaving equipment as a gift. There comes a time for any young man when shaving is necessary. And, though your son may not have asked, it may be a concern for him. Having his first shave will be a real coming of age moment, so it makes sense this happens on his birthday. Find out about the top shavers of the moment, and pick one which suits his needs. It’s worth choosing a simple model for this first time. You don’t want to overwhelm him with settings he doesn’t yet understand.



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