Going Green: 3 Great Alternative Housing Ideas

The next time you plan to move house, maybe you could think outside of your bricks and mortar box and consider some alternative ways of living. If you are eco-friendly, there are some unique ideas for your next home, and despite the big bad wolf, why not consider a house made of straw?

Here are some housing ideas that you have probably never thought of, but if you are keen to go green, these may be viable options for you, though you may need to convince your family of the benefits.

Cob houses


No, not a house made of corn on the cob, that would be just silly and impractical! Cob houses are made up of straw, clay, and soil that contains gravel and stones. They are durable, built to last a long time and can be placed anywhere, provided you have bought a plot of land.

They are affordable to build, at around a tenth of a cost of a conventional building. Without the restriction of bricks, you can sculpture the cob house to your liking, creating something with curves if you want to forego the sharp, angular look.


Shipping container homes


The idea of living in a shipping container may seem the craziest option on this short list, but it is something that is becoming ever more popular. You aren’t just living in a metal box, as you can customize the interior and exterior to your liking.

While you could buy a used shipping container, you could also have one custom made. Check this site to see how much metal building homes cost per square foot, and have one built to the required size. You can even add a staircase, so don’t assume you need to live on ground level.

Be even more eco-friendly and add solar panels and green insulation, and enjoy the affordability of this unique home.

Log cabins


Many of us dream about getting back into nature, so living in a log cabin could be the ideal home for you. Now, while you can build a wooden home anywhere, somewhere scenic and off the grid makes for an obvious choice.

Many people can build a log home themselves, though you can purchase something already available. They take less time than a traditional house to put up, and don’t have to be expensive.

You will notice that many people living in colder climates such as in Canada still live in log cabins, and there is a very good reason for this. Logs will naturally insulate the home and are perfect for both summer and winter.

Of course, if you choose to live out in the wilds you will be some distance away from schools and shopping malls, but you could home educate your kids and grow your crops. Imagine waking in the morning to the sun shining through the trees, or going to bed at night under the stars, untarnished by modern pollution. Living close to nature is a fantastic option for anybody wanting to get away from the stresses of life.

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