How to Make a Loved One’s Birthday Extra Special

Ah, birthdays, always a fun day, even when it’s not yours! It’s a time to celebrate a person’s existence, to make them feel valued and unique, and all-around ensure that they have a great day. But how do you do this? Fortunately, the recipe for a successful birthday isn’t so complicated; you just need to follow a few simple rules and incorporate a few special activities! Take a look below, and give your loved one a day to remember.



Start the Day Off Right


When it comes to a birthday for a family member, you want to get the day off to the best start possible! To do this, it’s all about making a fantastic breakfast. Preparing a special feast will be easier if their birthday falls on a weekend, but if not, you can still go ahead and cook up something nice. You should know what their favorite breakfast foods are, so make sure they’re on the table. It’s more than just about the food, of course – make sure all the family are out of bed and present at the table.


Go Big


If you’re going to make a birthday extra special, then you’ll need to throw in a surprise or two. Buy a happy birthday gift tower for the birthday boy or girl, put it on the table, and they’ll feel like they’ve walked into a special birthday-themed room that was created just for them – and they’ll be right! You can also add flowers around the house, and have some special birthday music being played (believe it or not, there are more tracks than the usual ‘happy birthday song’ to play). It’s all about creating that party, festive atmosphere!


Out for the Day


A birthday is all about having fun, so make sure you’re getting out of the home and having a good time. You can do this by planning a trip to the city, exploring the shops, bars, and attractions in the process. Alternatively, you can take a look at taking a trip into nature; there’s nothing more magical than exploring the woods or the coastline with the family. You know the birthday boy or girl better than we do, so pick something that you know you’ll love to do.


Friends and Family


While there’s nothing wrong with spending the day just as a family, it may be nice to get friends and family involved in the day, too. How you do this will depend on the age of the birthday person. If they’re over twenty-one, then get their close friends and family member for a few drinks. It doesn’t have to be a big party, just a few beers or glasses of wine to toast the celebration day.


Quality Family Time


In the evening, it’s all about those delicious – and fun – birthday meals. Get the close family around, and eat, drink, and have fun! It’s the perfect opportunity to bust out the embarrassing stories. There’s no better way to start a new year than by looking back at where you’ve been!  


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