Jewelry Etiquette To Help You Get Your Bling On Point



Every woman knows that accessorizing with jewelry is a great way to take any outfit to the next level. It’s such an easy accessory to wear and a lot easier to match to an outfit than a handbag or a pair of shoes might be. But did you know that there’s a certain jewelry etiquette that you should always try to follow so that your jewelry is always on point? Here are some fashion pointers that can help you improve your jewelry game.


Don’t Go OTT


There is so much jewelry that you might want to wear – rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, it can be ever so easy to lose count! However, when you are choosing some jewelry to wear with an outfit, you shouldn’t choose one of every piece. Otherwise, your accessories might look very over the top. Instead, you should pick just a couple of pieces to wear that will complement your outfit.


Be Conservative In The Office


There are of course sometimes it will be ok to go a bit OTT and add a bit more bling to your outfit – on a night out, for instance. But there are lots of times when your jewelry choices need to be on the demure side. Such as in the workplace, for instance. Your work dress code might be very specific about which jewelry you can and can’t wear. It’s a good idea to take a look on some jewelry sites and view more sophisticated pieces of jewelry that would be suitable for office wear. Most companies will allow you to wear a wedding ring, watch, and discreet necklace. If you know your company is pretty relaxed about the dress code, they may be happier with you wearing a bit more jewellery. If you own a business and want to allow your employees to wear more casual clothes, you can customise workwear online with NNT.



Don’t Mix Metals


It’s perfectly fine to buy pieces of jewelry that are made from different metals, just as long as you don’t mix these metals when you were things. So, if you want to wear a gold bracelet, just make sure that your other jewelry you’re wearing is also gold. Similarly, if you want to wear a piece that is copper or silver. Mixing the metals can end up looking slightly trashy and like you don’t know how you should wear your jewelry!


Choose Your Focus


Before you decide which jewelry to wear, you need to first choose your focus. Do you want to put the focus on the jewelry itself or on your outfit? This will then help you decide how much bling and what kind you should wear. If you would rather your outfit take center stage, then keep your jewelry choices discreet. But that doesn’t mean that they have to be so discreet that no one can see them – just make sure they aren’t over the top. However, if you want your jewelry to wow everyone, then it’s a good idea to wear some statement pieces, such as colorful costume jewelry.



Hopefully, this guide to the etiquette of jewelry will help you really improve how you wear all of your gorgeous pieces. And it should help to inform your decisions when you buy new items or jewelry as well!

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