Keeping Your Home Safe and Secure

Keeping Your Home Safe and Secure

Home invasions and burglaries are on the increase so you have to think smart if you’re going to keep your family and valuables safe. It’s important to create and maintain good security habits and to always think ahead. If you have a lot of valuables – laptops, bullion from here, artworks and so on – then you must keep them under lock and key at all times.

Keep your doors and windows locked

You should keep downstairs windows locked even when you’re at home and your window locks should be sturdy – renew them if necessary. Your exterior doors should also be strong, with deadbolt locks; never leave home without locking the door, even if you’re just running to the store. Burglars are always lurking around somewhere, watching.

Your garage door is also a vulnerable point and if your garage connects to your house, or if you store valuables in it, then don’t rely on your automatic door for security.

Change the locks on a new home

When you move into a new place, whether you’re renting or buying, make sure you have new locks. If you’re renting, your landlord should already have done this for you. You just don’t know if any copies of the old ones were made and who now has them.

Use a strongbox or safe

Ideally, your safe should be bolted to the ground, as many intruders will just pick up smaller safes and work on them at leisure. If you use a passcode, make sure only one or two trusted people have it in case of emergencies. If you don’t feel like you have a safe enough place in your home to store your valuables like cash or important documents, you could look into purchasing Safe-deposit boxes, to give you the security you need.

Don’t use fake stones or comedy frogs

Everyone and his dog knows that the concrete frog holding the umbrella also holds your house keys. Leave your spares with a trustworthy neighbor but make sure they’re not clearly labeled as yours – use a handy code. If you’re a few miles from your nearest neighbor then try a combination lockbox, hidden away well. I have a friend who recommends locksmith Maine for getting her spare keys cut.

Use privacy film

If you have glass in your exterior doors, then use privacy film to prevent opportunistic burglars breaking in because they suddenly spy your car keys or your bag through them. This film is also useful for anyone who lives alone or if you have young teens who are at home alone occasionally.

Buy or update your existing home security system

Modern home security systems offer many features to householders, including motion-sensitive lights and cameras that can monitor your windows, doors, and garage. You can also have sound alarms to alert you and your neighbors of intruders or anyone lurking in the bushes.

These systems don’t work miracles, however; you need to make sure you arm your system every time you leave the house, as some burglars don’t pay that much attention to stickers and signs.

You must also use the system properly and make sure all members of the family know how to use it too, to avoid false alarms which are a nuisance and can lead to people ignoring your alarm when it’s genuine

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