Kids And Healthy Eating

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Do the two even go into the same sentence? Not very easily. It’s is common in so many households for multiple tantrums to be thrown a day as soon as any fruit or vegetable is put in front of them. The current statistic stands that one in three children between the age of 10-17 is obese. Obesity causes so many health issues down the line, that it’s so important to try and combat it whilst they’re young. Let’s look at a few ways you can try.




The hardest part. Before school, children are usually a tired, upset, ball of anger. Getting them to eat a breakfast that isn’t full of preservatives, chocolate flavors, or isn’t the coolest cereal in the supermarket is hard. How many of you remember walking around the shopping aisles when you were younger, picking up the most unhealthy foods, then crying when your mom wouldn’t buy them. The trick is to make the idea of a healthy breakfast look appealing. Try starting the day off with pancakes. But instead of using the traditional fatty batter, try banana and oats pancakes. They taste amazing, are low in fat, and extremely good for you. All you need is 2 bananas, 2 eggs, and a tiny bit of salt. You can adjust the measurements according depending on the size of your family. Simply pop the mixture in the pan and wait for them to cook. Garnish with some bananas and strawberries, and you should have one happy child.




This is a hard one. You’ll either be sending them off to school with a packed lunch, or money to get their own. Buying their own isn’t as bad any more, as school dinners are now much healthier thanks to the likes of Jamie Oliver. But if you’re sending them with a packed one, experiment with different foods, rather than just sandwiches. Since Halloween is coming up soon, why not make it a themed pumpkin mac n cheese. Make sure the cheese is low fat, and try using brown pasta instead of white. This coupled with the pumpkin makes for a nutritious lunch. Your child will love the flavours, and it makes parenting seem like a breeze compared to the moms who have sent their kids to school with chocolate and a can of Coca Cola.




Possibly the hardest meal of the day. Tantrums are at an all time high from every one. The fatigue of the long day is setting in, so getting this one right is essential. So why not try something exciting like tacos. It’s a great way to get the kids involved with helping to cook. They can pick which ingredients they want to go into their taco out of the healthy options you’ve laid out. When they feel as if they’ve had a part to play in the making of their food, they’ll think it tastes better. Use low fat mince meats and cheese. Make sure you’ve got some fresh lettuce leaves, tomatoes and onions for the kids to pile in. It’s a great bonding technique as well, and will give them a great sense of independence.

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