Landscaping Near an Above Ground Pool

Create the feeling of an upscale vacation destination in your backyard with an above ground pool and some simple landscaping tips.

Installing a pool in your yard creates a gathering place for family, friends, and neighbors but it can also present some landscaping challenges. Landscaping can complement your pool and add to the overall aesthetic of your backyard if done properly. While it is a pretty major job that may need you to hire an excavator, the pay off will be worth it. The art of landscaping is entirely subjective and can vary based on several factors like climate, yard size, the amount of sunlight and rain the yard receives, the shape and position of the pool and lawn, and your desired maintenance levels. There is no right or wrong way to approach landscaping but here are some tips and advice for landscaping near your above ground pool that you might want to consider. After you’ve looked at these you may want to do it yourself or think that it might need a professional company in like this Kennesaw Landscaping Company to do it for you.

Growing Grass Near the Edge

Many people choose to grow grass right up to the brink of their above ground pool which is a beautiful way to maximize lawn space. One cautionary note is above ground pools have an epoxy paint coating which covers the outer portion of the pool. If you do not create a buffer area between the pool and the grass you need to be mindful when you are doing lawn maintenance. If an edger makes contact with the pool, the paint can chip or become damaged, causing a risk of rust.

Create a Barrier Between the Pool and Lawn

To alleviate the risk of damaging your pool create a barrier between the two entities. Pea gravel, rock, pavers, concrete, flower beds or mulch are all suitable and visually appealing ways to differentiate the pool area from the rest of the lawn. When you add mulch, there is an inherently greater risk of attracting insects, especially ants and termites. It is important to note that regardless of what type of barrier you use to surround your pool, you should always treat your lawn for insects, most of all termites otherwise you’ll need to get the help of someone like termite control los angeles to get them under control.

Bushes and Trees

Adding height near or around a pool can create visual interest and dimension. Planting trees and bushes near an above ground pool offer the commodity of shade during the hot summer months, plus they are beautiful additions to any yard. Before you prepare the ground to plant new vegetation, make sure you investigate and understand the plant’s root system. Some trees and bushes have longer and more invasive roots, which over time can either pierce or create ripples in the liner.

Bask in watching the sunset and sunrise over your above ground pool and newly landscaped yard.

Also, by adding trees to the yard, you will compete against falling leaves which may call for extra cleanings.

Add-ons Enhance the Space

The space near an above ground pool is prime real estate for useful and exciting add-ons creating an ambiance of relaxation and fun. If you have a pool, then you clearly value taking advantage of the weather and appreciate options for outdoor entertainment. Building a deck or patio space nearby with seating and dining options provides a place for swimmers to relax after taking a dip in the pool and it also gives you the option to serve meals outdoors. Add an outdoor kitchen area, and soon the entire backyard will be like a vacation oasis.


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Create the pool space you have always dreamed of by utilizing some of these principles and with the added help of the above ground pool professionals at Rec Warehouse.

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