Making an Impact When Announcing You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy announcements are just about as impactful as any other type of announcement that we humans can make. They arouse feelings of excitement. They arouse feelings of wonder. They can even arouse feelings of fear and apprehension. But, no matter what feelings are aroused, they are always felt with impact. But just because they bring with them a natural feeling of impact, it doesn’t mean you can’t make more of an impact when it comes to you spreading the word about your upcoming little bundle of joy. Below you can find hints and tips on how to make more of an impact on the people you tell about your pregnancy when you tell them.

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Announce it through commemorative presents


It’s not just the royal family that are allowed to have commemorative presents and items produced for events they partake in. You can too when you partake in the event of announcing your pregnancy. And there are a number of commemorative items that you should look into having produced if this is a way of announcing your pregnancy that interests you. A popular present that is cut in this ilk are t-shirts that have the announcement written on them. Customized T-shirts are a popular present because they can be made very personal to suit who it is you are announcing the pregnancy too. For instance, a T-shirt could read something along the lines of: ‘Grandmother, Est. 2017’ if you are giving it to your father. It could read: ’This Guy Is Going to Be an Uncle’ if you are telling your brother. Or the t-shirt could be an android in the words: ’Only Child: Expiring 2017’ if you are telling a child of yours that you already have. This is a way to make an impact with a pregnancy announcement because it comes in the form of a gift that can then act as a constant reminder of it. And providing a constant reminder is the whole point of making an impact, is it not? And if you choose the latter, the providing of a personalized t-shirt to another child of yours, then you can make even more of an impact when it comes to your announcement. You can do so because you can clad your child in the personalized t-shirt and then allow them wearing it to make the announcement for you. This is an innovative way to make an impact when it comes to making a pregnancy announcement that those of you who you announce the news to probably haven’t seen before. Therefore, you can not only be impactful, but you can be unique too. You can find the best designs and prints for older siblings-to-be here: Just make sure to choose one that clearly showcases your message, if you do in fact want to use this as your announcement tool.



Get creative with the announcement


Another way to make an impact with your pregnancy announcement is to get creative with it. Creativity sticks long in the mind, so therefore creativity should be what you seek to implement all over your announcement. One way to be creative in this sense is to spell it out in food via alphabet spaghetti. This is probably best suited for when it comes to telling any children that you do already have (if they like eating this type of food and would be able to understand the words they read, that is) as it will stick long in their memory. And when it comes to telling other adults about your upcoming arrival, why not try harnessing the powers of modern technology? You could simply text or email a photo of the scan around to your friends. Or you can post the news on your social media site. The using of modern tech doesn’t mean you have to forgo tradition completely, however. For instance, when it comes to the instance of announcing your news on social media, why not simply post a photo of a bun in your oven? This way only the most eagle-eyed of your friends will be able to spot the news. And for those that do spot it, they will feel an impact in the announcement simply because of the fact that they will feel they have cracked the code you encrypted. As mentioned, creativity sticks long in the memory. It does so because it acts as a way of differentiating between different events. If, say, two friends of yours announced they were pregnant, but one announced it more creatively than the other, whose would you remember the most? You’d remember the one that grabbed your attention the most, and that would be the creative one that had a code encrypted within it that you had to crack.



The announcing of your pregnancy is a huge milestone not only in the venture of pregnancy and birth but also in life. It is because of this reason that you should do all you can to ensure it is as impactful as can be. But don’t be fooled into believing that announcing your pregnancy means that a lot of the hard work is done. No, the real hard work comes after you’ve made the big announcement. In this stage, you will be bombarded by information and advice from just about every adult you do in fact announce your news to. You will be confronted with some useful information as well as some myths. But, no matter what it is that you hear and how useful you deem the information you receive to be, it’s down to you to do what’s right for you. It’s down to you to guide yourself through your pregnancy in as comfortable a way as possible. It’s down to you to do things that tend to the continuing growth of your baby or babies. So, as important as it is to make an impact with your pregnancy announcement, it’s even more important to focus on doing all you can to induce a successful, comfortable and healthy birth.