Making Time For Yourself



Do you feel as if all you ever do is take time for other people? When you are a parent it might feel as if all you ever do is get the kids dressed, to school, feed them and make sure they are happy. When you dedicate your life to another human being like this it can stop you from spending time on yourself. If you are looking for some ways to spend time on yourself this month, here are some of the things you can think about doing.


1.Spend time with yourself in the morning


If you don’t feel like you have enough time to breathe each day, one of the best things you can think to do is wake up slightly earlier and spend half an hour on your own before the chaos starts. You can use this time to have a cup of coffee and do your makeup, to do a workout and get your muscles moving, or simply to have a longer shower in peace. Waking up early might seem like a chore to start with, but it will give you so much more time to spend alone each day.

  1. Make a regular routine

    If you have a very packed schedule each week, you might want to think about cutting it down a little to take more time for yourself. For example, if you have work every day and then the kids have a sports class, take this time for yourself rather than sitting in and waiting for them to finish. Go home, have an hour to yourself and then come to pick them up. Switching up your routine into a more manageable one is the key.

  2. Delegate jobs

Why should you have to do everything in your house? When the kids are young you might think that you should do everything for them to make their lives easier, but this really isn’t the case at all. If you really want to teach your children to be considerate and tidy as they grow up, you need to instill the behavior into them now. You can make tidying their room a game, where they have to try and tidy it quicker than the last time each time to break their record, or compete against their sibling. By encouraging chores as a normal habit, you will free up your own time and this will allow you to sit down and breathe.

  1. Have a night alone, or with your partner

One of the best things you can do to give yourself some more time this week is to get the grandparents to take the kids for the night and have a date with your partner, or a pamper evening for yourself. Choose a day which works for you and then go out for a meal or to see a movie. Talking and bonding with your partner will be lovely for the both of you, and you will be able to rediscover who you were before having children. It will be a good break for both of you and you will both be closer as a result.


  1. Relax when you get home

When you are at home in the evenings, stop stressing about the little things. Sometimes it is best to just sit down with your family in front of the TV and relax. You can find information about Final Fantasy 15 app and play this on your phone to relax or even read a book which takes you away for a while. Learn to relax and you will be much happier.

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