How To: Mommy ‘Me Time’ On a Budget



Becoming a mom means discovering for the first time what it truly means to be selfless and to have to put others first pretty much all the time. We can get so wrapped up in the busy little details of taking care of our families, and we’re left with zero time for ourselves.


Having no balance in life is not healthy, and we need to remember that caring for the carer is an important principle – after all, if a busy mom comes unstuck, or gets sick, the whole family tends to fall into chaos! Taking me time doesn’t have to mean a weekend away at the spa though. It can come in many different ways and be fitted into snatched moments – here’s how to make it work for you:


Date Yourself


We all know about the importance of making time for date nights with your husband…but when was the last time you dated yourself? Yep, it might sound crazy, but taking the time to treat yourself nicely can be as simple as a free morning, a trip to your favorite bookshop, and a luxury coffee. Alone time allows you to reconnect with yourself just as you would a partner – but don’t rush it! Grabbing a quick snack between running errands is not a date. Taking the time to sit down to a proper lunch for one, with non-plastic cutlery, and maybe even a glass of wine is a date. Think about the effort you make for someone else – and give yourself that same courtesy and attention once in a while.

Dance Like No One is Watching – Because They Aren’t!


Music is always a powerful mood lifter, and if you find yourself flagging and in need of an energy boost and a mental break from being up with the baby all night, it can help. Got five minutes to the house to yourself? Make a power playlist full of those amazing tracks that you can’t help dancing to. Stick it on at high volume and go for it – dance around as much as you want. There’s something wonderfully freeing about this that leaves you feeling reinvigorated, and it’s the perfect pick me up before tackling that chore you’ve been putting off for weeks.

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Take a Daytime Bath


Baths are so restorative and instantly relaxing, but too often they are saved for that free evening we have that never comes. Carve out an hour to yourself and fit one in during the day. There’s something unspeakably decadent about having a bath during the day, while everyone else is out of the house. Make it a treat with scented oils, candles and find the best bathrobe to slip into afterward  – it’s a little slice of heaven.


What Lies Beneath


Show yourself some love by making over your underwear drawer. Go through it and be ruthless – throw out all the greying bras and underwear that comes in a three pack. Make a present to yourself of some new matching sets. They don’t have to be racy – comfortable, supportive separates in a brightly colored, breathable cotton can be just as luxurious. Just knowing you have great underwear on underneath – no matter what you throw on top – puts a spring in your step. It’s your little secret!


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