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The Holiday’s are coming up too fast, but One More Sunshine can help with you a unique and adorable gifting idea.  One More Sunshine is an etsy shop that you can find here.  This shop has custom, birthday, showers or even wedding clips.  These clips allow you to customize with your photo or choice of a unique design.isbl_1680x420-19066834_avhbsaoy

Here are some of the already listed examples:il_570xn-894104159_ph9m
Communion Baptism Favors
Girl Party Favors
Boy Party Favors
Neutral Party Favors
First Birthday Party Favors
Baby Shower Gift Favors

I really am in love with these clips and how unique they are.  The are great as decorations to be used for parties like birthdays or showers.  I wish I saw these before when I would always do a photo timeline banner for my son’s birthday.  (I may be customizing my own set soon from One More Sunshine. 😉 )

il_570xn-1082932673_li4uThese can be used as party favors, such a cute idea to use to hold a party favor bag shut! Even great for the holidays, what an awesome way to personalize gift tags. I think it would be adorable to add my son’s photos on these and then use them to attatch on bags or wrapped gifts.

Another cute idea is to use these at baby showers, great little addition to not only party favors or decoration, but games. We all know everyone plays the ‘baby’ game with normal clips, but these clips would be so much cuter and fun!il_570xn-949835326_487n

Also with your purchases, 10% of the shops proceeds go to the Pseudoachondroplasia research! The Etsy Shop One More Sunshine’s owner, Mary, her daughter has this rare genetic condition. There is minimal federal funding available to help supprot reasearch for this condition. So Mary is doing what she can to try and help, I love this and if you want to find out more information or how you can help you can visit .

I just have fallen in love with this etsy shop and I love how she came up with her store name. Here is a little piece from her Shop Page:

il_570xn-456359190_2osmOh….and the store name. If you have toddlers, you know how they will try to stall bedtime as long as possible. My daughter’s bedtime song is You are My Sunshine, and she will continually ask for ‘one more sunshine Mommy” until I must just close her door. The phrase makes me smile so I would like it to live on forever, as I know she will not ask this of me forever.

 You can check out the Etsy Shop here. Go ahead and favorite the store while you are visiting too.

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