Party Like It’s 2018: Getting Through That Dreaded January!



January is one of those months that’s depressing in one way or another because Christmas is well and truly over! But, January doesn’t have to be a month long hangover, and here are a few ways to cheer yourself up during one of the most miserable of months.


Actually Treat Yourself!

You don’t have to spend money on anybody else now, you can take advantage of the January sales, and buy that dress you have been eyeing up for the past couple of months. Or you can get some Vera Bradley coupons and promo codes to add a discount to the discount! The month of December is all about picking the right gifts for your loved ones, which can be a complete hassle, so why don’t you indulge in buying things for yourself for once?


Get Relaxing!

All the hassles of the holiday are finally over, so it’s time to embrace the mundanity of normal life again, which can be depressing for a lot of people. But why don’t you use it as an excuse to catch up on all the television you missed because you were too busy preparing the turkey and the trimmings, in fact, preparing everything! Laze in your pajamas on the couch, and get reacquainted with that old friend called television.


Make The Most Of That Extra Light

The days are now getting that little bit longer, so take advantage of this, go for a walk, spend some time out in the open, or actually begin your exercise routines! The post-festive gloom is something we all feel, so try to offset them by getting out a little bit more.


Get Socializing!

Lots of people can’t afford to go out after Christmas, but if you’ve got a spare bit of cash, the bars and nightspots will be a bit quieter. So you can get to the bar without having to queue up for hours, but it’s actually a bit of proper time to catch up with old friends that you weren’t able to in the run-up to Christmas. It might be time to take advantage of the two for one offers, and as bars and clubs are trying to tempt the punters in during Dry January, maybe you should have a dry February instead? Or if you don’t have the money, but have a shed load of Christmas drinks leftover, why don’t you get rid of them all by having a party? It’s much cheaper, and a great way to socialize.


Go To Sleep!

Some people can only survive January by hibernating through it, and if this is you, it’s not such a bad thing. You might be pretty exhausted from December anyway, so make the most of some lazy mornings on the weekend, and start to plan what you want to do when you feel a bit more human. Do you want to lose weight, hit the gym, or start that book you wanted to for so long? Sleep on it!


January is the most depressing month of the year, but it doesn’t have to be like that, so start thinking about what you want to do!

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