Pictures of Paradise: Luxurious Vacation Hotspots

We all get bored in our day to day lives. Chances are that every time you’re stuck behind your desk at work or feeling glum carrying out some menial task, your mind starts to wonder and you start fantasizing about all of the different places you could actually be spending your time and enjoying yourself. This is probably why we tend to spend so much time dreaming of our annual leave and the vacation we’re going to take to fill it. Now, any getaway is bound to be nice. But when you’re looking for a complete escape from your usual routine, you’re going to have pictures of paradise floating through your mind. These are the places that we’d absolutely love to go. The locations that top our travel bucket lists. Now, if you don’t already have a getaway planned or are looking for a little inspiration in regards to where to go, read on. We’ll take you through just two of the best vacation hot spots for those looking for a touch of luxury in their lives!

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When someone utters the words “paradise”, Bali tends to be one of the top destinations that springs to people’s minds. Coming in first on the list of top Indonesia travel hot spots, this relatively small island is renowned for its hot weather and powder sand beaches, which create a massive contrast with the lush greenery that spreads across the entire space. It also forms part of the Coral Triangle, which has the highest biodiversity of marine species out there!

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Whitsunday Islands


When people visit Australia, they’re generally drawn to West Coast tourist hotspots like the Great Barrier Reef. Sure, these locations are stunning and are something that you should make the effort to dive and snorkel in. But while it’s always fun to instill a sense of adventure and action into your break, the majority of us want to come home at the end of our vacation feeling relaxed and recuperated. This is where the Whitsunday Islands come to the forefront of Australian tourism. Along with stunning waters, the Whitsunday Islands also have an abundance of soft sand beaches. The most popular, which we’ll focus on, for now, is perhaps Whitehaven Beach. The sands here have an extremely high silica content, making them soft, powdery, and exactly what you want to step out onto when you’re searching for comfort and luxury. The area feels clean, and many visitors note that they can’t help but stop and take picture after picture of the astounding landscape. Just be careful during Stinger season, as you don’t want to end up getting stung by a jellyfish!


These are just two destinations that you might like to consider for your next luxury vacation. While they both give you a taste of paradise, they are completely different and in many ways will offer contrasting experiences. So, add both to your travel bucket list and try to visit the two at some point or another!

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