How To Plan A Safe Trip To A Concern For Your Teenage Children

When planning a birthday present for teenagers, booking a concert for your them to go to, it can be like swimming in a big ocean, with the realm of possibility as far and wide as the eye can see. Concerts can be very dangerous if the proper measures aren’t taken and sometimes, knowing when to steer clear of the crowd can be imperative to one’s health. There is so much excitement and emotion in the air that many people forget the standard health and safety rules. Pushing and shoving can result in injury as well as feeling claustrophobic and trapped. On the upside, it’s one of the best experiences for your teenager to go to, as they get to socialize with their peers and, connect with a particular artist they feel they understand and relate to. As a parent, your job is to plan a safe trip without killing all the fun and making your child feel like they’re being bossed around. There are a few simple ideas that only require a little forethought.


Dress practically


It can get very hot and muggy at a concert, so make sure your kids have dressed appropriately. Wearing thick clothes can result in becoming overheated as the concert wears on. Therefore, advise them to wear light clothes as the body heat from the crowd they’re in will more than act as a shield to any cold winds.

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Protect money


Unfortunately, there are many bad people in the world, and during a time of fun, relaxation, and partying, there are some people who have come to rob you. Concerts are notorious hunting grounds for thieves who prey on the weary who, after a few hours of standing, chanting and cheering, feel tired and don’t pay attention to their belongings. Make sure your teenager’s money is properly concealed and have them put their wallet in the front, and wear clothes with deep pockets.

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Go and return with friends


Make sure they go with friends so each can look after the other. It’s best you drop your child off to the concert after making sure they have seen and met with friends. Attending a concert on your own is risky as there’s no one to be your third eye and keep you safe. Concerts don’t end on time, and can often overrun their estimated time schedule. Therefore, ridesharing home is the best option to keep the group together and come home safely. A free one-way trip with Uber, such as here, is free. Simply type in the promo code into the app, and your child should get a $15 credit balance. From then on, carpool with friends and get home together, safely.


Health concerns


Warn them beforehand but at the end of the night, be patient with your child as they’re going to be tired. However, ask them how the concert went and without anger or judgment, ask them if they took any substances that may harm them. Drugs and alcohol sometimes run freely at concerts although there is strict security staff who won’t allow this. Make sure their health is not in question, and that they don’t throw up in the middle of the night. For precaution, have them sleep on their side, and keep the airway clean.


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