Pure Spoon Organic Purees Review & Giveaway!

*I received a Sample Pack of Pure Spoon Purees in exchange for a review and giveaway. Opinions expressed below are 100% my own.*

As a mom, we want to make sure our little ones are getting the right amount of fruits and veggies in their daily diets. But we also know how hard that can be with having picky eaters. Whether you have an infant, toddler, kid (or even a stubborn picky adult eater in your home) Pure Spoon can be a great new addition to your kitchen for meals and even snacks.

What is Pure Spoon?

Pure Spoon is the first to the market maker of 100% organic fruit and veggie purees made with HPP. What is HPP? HPP is a cool temperature, high-pressure pasteurization technique which means higher nutritional value and better taste. Pure Spoons foods start fresh and stay fresh, each batch is made in small handmade batches that are NEVER cooked in the packaging. All of the Pure Spoon recipes are hand-made using only fresh and certified organic produce. They are 100% pure and free from any preservatives, additives, color or anything else that isn’t food. The ingredients used in the Pure Spoon puree’s are steamed (not boiled) to lock in nutrition and flavor.

Who is behind Pure Spoon Purees?

Pure Spoon’s Founder and CEO is a working mom, Alyson Eberle that knows the importance of feeding your little one’s fresh and better options. She and her husband both realized after their daughter was born and ready for foods, that their choices in baby foods were limited. Many foods did not even look appealing to them and many lacked the nutrients babies need in their foods. They decided to make their own baby food at home and soon their friends and even strangers started asking about the foods they were feeding their daughter. They then realized they needed to share their idea which led to Pure Spoons.

Are Pure Spoon Puree’s only for babies?

Absolutely Not! That is what is so great about these puree’s, they are great for those picky eaters of any age. Pure Spoon purees are much healthier than applesauce pouches, or other fruit pouches. The packing is BPA-free and 100% recyclable, it is also clear so you can see what you are buying. These purees are great for on the go people, or even athletes who may need a little extra nutrition and energy. They are also great for elders that may have some problems chewing their foods or need a little help getting the best nutrition in their diets. I ate a few of these puree’s when I was sick this past week. I started with a sore throat, which led to a chest cold and had the hardest time eating anything. These purees tasted great and they also were so easy to eat with my sore throat!

What flavors do they have?

The Pure Spoon Puree’s come in 11 different flavors. Each is in a 4.2 oz container. There are:

Spinach, Pear & Bananas
Sweet Potato & Apples
Carrots & Zucchini
Blueberry, Banana & Apples
Simple Carrots
Apples & Broccoli
Butternut Squash, Apples & Oats
Creamy Avocado & Apples
Creamy Avocado & Pears
Simply Pears
Simply Apples

Where can I purchase Pure Spoon?

Pure Spoon offers Front Door Delivery, you can order online and have your Pure Spoon delivered in all 48 states of the continental U.S. They come packaged safely and cold straight to your front door. You can also find Pure Spoons are the following stores, Whole Foods Markets, ShopRite and select Target stores. Some new stores added are Amazon, Jet.com, and Sprouts Farmers Market (nation-wide). Some stores coming in 2017 are select Kroger, Walmart, and Hy-Vee stores. You can find your local store that carries Pure Spoon here. The suggested retail price of each is $2.69 – $2.99.

So how do they taste?

Delicious. Really, I love these. The size is perfect for snacking even for me. My little guy can have a great afternoon snack that is healthy, yummy and without all the added sugar. The texture is smooth (of course made for little ones). But you can taste each flavor perfectly. Some of the flavors sounded like a weird combination, but the taste was surprisingly good. You can add these to your recipes made at home, or eat them alone.

Credit: Pure Spoon Recipes

So do you want to try them for yourself or for your little one(s)? You can enter below for your chance to win a sample kit of Pure Spoon. The Pure Spoon Puree Sampler is a great way to try each recipe. You receive two of each recipe (22 total).




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