Rainy Day Family Activities

I am pretty sure you find any activities for your kids to do outside instead of inside driving you crazy. I know I can’t be the only one. 😉 For those yucky, humid and rainy days I have a few activities you can do as a family.


Indoor Camping! Do you remember building forts in the house when you were younger? I remember having sleepovers at my house when I was little and turning our living room into a big fort! We would bring our barbies in and just play under the oh so awesome blanket fort. ;P It can be just as fun as an adult, teach your kiddo’s how to build the best fort ever. You can even spend the night in your fort, or even make a pretend fire and pretend it is a real camping trip with camping food!

1979592_10203428800425371_209799759_nPopcorn & a Movie. Let your kiddo’s choose (or fight if you have multiples. haha) over a choice of movie. Find a great Family movie on Netflix, or pick one from Redbox. Plus Redbox sends out codes all the time for free or discounted rentals.

Bake some cookies. Or you can bake a cake or cupcakes. Best cookies are from scratch and so much more fun. Or cupcakes and cakes turn out a mess here but still taste yummy and are such a blast to do together.999688_10201604101089028_1275251196_n


Make personalized pizzas. You can pick up some ingredients and make personal pan pizzas. When I was younger we always loved when could make our own pizzas with our own choice of ingredients. They always seemed to taste better home made than delivered. 😉

Mani & Pedi’s! If you have little girls this could be a blast, have a spa day while daddy is at work. Or make daddy join in on the spa day. (he just may not want his nails painted.) You can mix and match colors or find awesome ways to design nails. I have seen a ton of videos on facebook that looks easy to do, but I guess they always look easier than they end up being. But hey if you try some out come back and share with me, I would love to see!


Build a Lego Town. If you have a little boy I am sure you have lego’s, whether the larger building block or those small ones you find throughout the house by stepping on them. (That is the worst pain ever!!!!) Let your child’s imagination grow and be creative. My son loves to make his own boats or even his own characters out of the pieces. He has gotten pretty good, He made Thor the other day. Thor was out of mix and match outfit and arms from other superheroes, with batmans cape and some long black lego that fit in the hand and a white lego on top for the hammer. I was impressed.

Color together. Make some pretty pictures by drawing or picking out your children’s favorite coloring books and color with them.


Pillow Fights! Okay, this may not be on everyone’s list of fun, but if you have a room that is not full of breakables this could be fun. Just don’t get too carried away, they are kids! 😉


Make Ice Cream Sundaes. I was going to save this for an outdoor activity on another post but it could be outdoor or indoor. It is still warm and is loads of fun. Great night activity after dinner, just have an ice cream bar. If your children are old enough to make their own, they will love to choose and make their own.

Family Board Games. I am sure every house has at least a few board games. If not, then you need to go out and purchase some for family fun nights! Some of our favorites have been Ants in the Pants, Matching Games, Memory Games and Thomas the Train Trouble. You could check out this Memory Yoga game I posted about a little while back. 🙂



Story Time with crafts. Pick out one your child’s favorite books and read together. If you look online (especially Pinterest), you can find crafts, activities, and even snacks to go with your favorite books.

Put on a Puppet Show. If you do not have any puppets in the home, you can easily make puppets out of brown paper bags or paper plates. Gather up leftover craft supplies and put on the best show.10552516_10204406846235905_5915455362954525815_n

Put together a Puzzle. We have a shelf full of all kinds, if you don’t you can find all kinds at dollar tree even!


But the best Family Fun Day activity??? Go outside and play in the rain together! Well as long as no big storms. 😉

Any more ideas you can think of? Share in the comment section for everyone else to try!



  1. Amanda says:

    We just did some indoor camping today! My older daughter and I read books under the blankets while the younger one did Godzilla moves on our tent. ☺

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