Riding Out The Redundancy Storm

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The first time you get made redundant, your heart sinks so fast and hard it is hard to compare the shock and pain to anything else. It is how we imagine it must feel to stand on a plug, miss the last train home, get struck by lightning and receive a breakup text all at the same time. Then, once this feeling subsides, you are left with the reverberating sickness that makes you question the fairness of life, as you reel from your redundancy news, taking it all way too personally.


The problem with this gut reaction is this: it will stop you moving on and taking the positive action that is required. If you’ve just been made redundant, we’re sorry. If you haven’t been made redundant, it will happen. It’s just part of life. Either way, here are some tips to help you through the pain and into a new role, which is all there is to it really.

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  1. Take It Personally But Get Over It Quickly

You’ve just been made redundant and it hurts. Of course, it does. However, it is important to realize that in the corporate world of business, it is roles that get made redundant, not people. That means it was a business decision, not a personal attack. So, instead of questioning the fairness of it all for too long, accept it was a business move and then move on. To put it simply, the more you dwell on it the more it will delay your return to employment and thus harm your future.


  1. The Time To Take Action Is Now

The urge to vent can be almost too much to bear, so unload once or twice and then crack on. This means drawing up a plan of action. Decide where you are going to start looking for your next job – job sites, linkedIn, social media, your own network. Update your CV in any way possible. Rehearse for an interview to make sure you are ready when that phone rings. Anything you can to be proactive, basically.


  1. Get Your Finances Straight

You’ve lost your main source of income, which means you need to prioritize your finances. This starts by working out exactly what debts you have and what your living expenses come to. Once you have this then you will know the minimum you need to earn each week in order to stay above water. If you are panicking about the result, find a way to fix this. It could be that you look around for the best deals on unsecuredpersonal.loans. Perhaps your redundancy pay will stretch you a few months. Maybe you could grab part-time job somewhere close or with someone you know. What about that rainy day fund of yours? Whatever it is, make sure your finances don’t take a beating.


  1. Don’t Shorten your Job Search Horizons

Now is not the time to become stubborn and steadfast, pounding the pavement as your search for permanent work and nothing less, your redundancy payout shrinking faster than warm lettuce. Instead, keep your eyes open for anything that will a) keep the money coming in, b) help you learn new skills, c) boost your resume in some way or another or d) lead to something permanent later on. You need to be flexible in the time after redundancy. That’s a fact.


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