What Is the Right Time for Your Kids to Have their Own Transport?

Today’s teenagers are more independent than previous generations, and they might not appreciate you giving them a lift to their friend’s house every time. It is important that you give them some responsibilities before you provide them with their own transport. You need to teach them how to deal with dangerous situations and take ownership of their decisions before they can be safe on the road. Below you will find a few tips on when to let your teenagers have their own transport and independence

Do They Have a Good Sense of Direction?

You need to make sure that your teen is streetwise enough and is able to navigate through traffic on foot before you would give them wheels. If they go out on their own, ask yourself whether or not they are responsible when planning their journeys and keep time. If your kids will get lost or are unable to judge directions, times, traffic, or plan ahead, you might want to give them some more lessons in your car before they would get their own form of transport.

Are They Generally Responsible?

Your first priority as a parent should be keeping your teenager safe on the road. There is a reason why the insurance for teenagers is much higher than experienced drivers. You will need to make sure that they learn how to avoid road accidents and predict what other drivers will do next. This will come with experience, but an accident can put off a teenager from driving or riding a motorbike for a long time. Contact Chester Law Group to find out how to protect your child and help them avoid motorbike accidents.  

Do they Have Money to Pay for Fuel and Insurance

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Your teen should be responsible for maintaining their motorbike or car and paying the tax, gas, and insurance bills. Make it clear that they will need to get a part time job, and there is a cost involved when you have your own wheels. This will teach them responsibility, and encourage them to look after their car.

Have They Driven Your Car Responsibly?

Also, before you let them have their own car, you need to let your teenager give you a ride around for a few weeks. After passing their exams, you can teach them in the traffic how to deal with different situations, so they learn to anticipate what is going to happen next on the road, and spot hazards on the road.

Do You Trust them?

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It is also important to use your personal judgment to make sure your teenager’s new wheels will not make them end up in trouble. Whether they are always late or unreliable, misplace items, or have a history of forgetting to lock the front door, you will have to address these important issues before you can trust them with a car or motorcycle.


Teenagers love their independence and responsibility. As a parent, you need to evaluate the risks and make an informed decision whether or not they will be safe behind the wheel.


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