Stretch That Budget

I’m sure as a mom, you have been faced with the situation where one kid needs a new pair of shoes, the car payments need to be made, and then the boiler breaks down, and you wonder where on earth am I going to get the money for all this? But also as a mom, you are often the one that has to keep a calm head and still manage to produce the money from somewhere. Luckily there are some things that you can do to stretch your budget and help you hold a little cash in reserve for emergency situations like these when they do occur. Read on to find out more.


Shop with a list


Have you ever been shopping without a list? Then come home with a basket full of groceries that you don’t need? Well, most people have. But if you are trying to get your budget to stretch further this is an expense that you just can’t justify.


That is why it’s always better to shop with lists and try your best to only come home with the things on that list. Not only will it save you money, and help you keep organized for the week’s menu. But it might just save your waistline as well. As if cookie ain’t on the list you just don’t get them!  



Shop online


Another clever way of saving a few pennies for a rainy day is to switch to shopping online. Not only is it way easier, as you can sit with your feet up and a nice cup of coffee once the kids are in bed. Instead of having to drag them kicking and screaming around the store. It can also be cheaper too.

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This is because it’s way similar to compare the prices of the same item in different stores online than it is in real life. Then you can still get what you were going to get anyway and have some cash left over for you emergency budget.


Use vouchers and coupons


You can also save a fortune if you shop with vouchers and coupons, and this can either be in- store or online. Remember you can often save up to 50% with a good coupon, and some stores let you use more than one at the time!


In fact, when shopping online, you should always look for a coupon to reduce the cost of your items or the shipping. It’s easy too! All you have to do is use sites like Coupon Sherpa, you can visit their website here, and search by the store name that you want.


Swap with friends


Lastly, another clever way of making sure that the emergency budget stays well topped up is to get together with friends everyone in a while and swap items that are new, or nearly new, but you haven’t got much use out of.


These can be anything from clothes to kids toys, and it’s a great way of getting rid of junk that you don’t need. As well as getting stuff you don’t want without spending a penny!


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