How do You Know When You’re Done Having Babies?

Deciding to have more children or not can be a pretty big deal for most moms. If you’re lucky, then having the choice to make the decision yourself can be a good thing, but also a tough thing. Many women have it decided for them, whether it be through health problems or family relationships. So if you are left with the decision to choose, then it should be considered quite deeply. You may have always wanted a certain number of children; you might have just decided to go with the flow. And it can be a tough call to decide not to have anymore children. It might be that you recognize your own limitations and although you may enjoy being pregnant, the thought of doing it all over again might be too much. Even with that said, it can be a tough choice. So here are some signs that you might be done having babies; can you relate at all?



  • When your hear someone announce that they’re pregnant and it gives you a small feeling of jealousy, then chances are that you’re not done with having children. If hearing an announcement brings you out in a cold sweat and all you’re thinking of is ‘good luck,’ then it is probably a sign you’re happy to not be doing that ever again.


  • If the idea of being a surrogate for a couple does quite appeal due to the fact that you wouldn’t be the one having to raise the child, then it can be safe to say that you’re probably done having your own children. In all seriousness, though, if the idea does appeal, then it could be worth looking at a site like ConceiveAbilities for more guidance. It is something that more and more people are needing when they want to start a family.


  • When you see a newborn for the first time and just coo and ahhh over the baby, then it might be a sign that you would still want your own. You can know you’re done by still finding a baby adorable, but by being relieved that you’re not the one having to have the sleepless nights.


  • Some women are real baby people and love to hold babies whether they want another of their own or not. Knowing if you are one of those women can really help in your decision. Do you just like holding babies and inhaling that newborn smell, just because? Or is it because you desperately want to have another of your own?


  • You might feel like now is the time to get your body as you want it. When you’re in the rut of baby making, it can be easy to hold off on exercise or getting your abs ‘back.’ But if you’re pretty sure that you’re done, then going to the gym and getting your body back will be a pretty high priority. It can also act as great alone time to unwind and destress from the chaos of everyday life.


Joking aside, it isn’t a decision to take lightly, unless you already know the answer. Talk to your partner and go with your gut feeling.