Gift Ideas For Dads



Dads are unique creatures. It’s almost as if as soon as your partner becomes a father a switch is flicked in his brain. He becomes a funny man, he suddenly learns some horrific new dance moves, and his filter for embarrassment totally burns out.


But you couldn’t raise your kids without him, and he’s one of the main role models in your child’s life. Of course, dads can be difficult to buy gifts for. At least for moms, you can give a bunch of flowers or a bottle of wine, but men aren’t as easy. He will tell you he doesn’t need or want anything, and because if his you’ll end up turning to the easiest option: chocolate and socks.


However, don’t fret! Today we’ve compiled a list to inspire you to buy for the man in yours and your child’s life, whether it be his birthday, Father’s Day or Christmas.


From you


Before you can even think of what the kids will get their daddy this year, you need to come up with your own plan of action. Men are notoriously difficult to buy for, and because of this, you will end up often resorting to stalking them and writing notes on every little thing they say they like. But if they don’t tell you what they like, here are some ideas…


A romantic getaway


One of the great joys of having children is spending time with the family and going on holiday together, but sometimes you need some time alone to make the most of each other. If you want to buy your man a special gift for his birthday this year, think about booking a weekend away in a romantic setting. It could be that you visit a 5 star hotel and enjoy being treated like royalty for a few days… or maybe you want to be secluded in a log cabin in the woods. Whatever it is, it is crucial to spend time with your man and get to know each other once more.


An experience day


One great way to guarantee a good gift is to book a day where he can experience something he loves. For example, he might love a certain animal- so you can book a day where he can be up close and personal with that animal. Maybe he loves great food and beers, and you can send him on a brewery tour and food tasting. Experience days come in all shapes and sizes so you will always be able to find something in your price range and that he will love.




It’s not only women who appreciate good jewelry. If you are coming up to a special birthday or anniversary, it could be a lovely idea to buy him a ring or a neck chain which he can wear every day to remind him if you. If you are unsure what to pick, bring him shopping with you so you can get an idea of what he likes.




Scents are a very personal thing, and a scent that you like won’t necessarily be one that he likes. However, you can take him shopping on the premise of buying perfume for yourself, and get him to try a few for himself while you are there. You will be able to see what kind of smell he likes and then store it in your memory.

From the kids


Kids don’t buy their own gifts for Dad, but they can help to choose what they’d like to get for him. If you are short on ideas of what kind of gift to get from the kids, look no further…


Novelty items


There’s no shortage of funny items out there like santa socks which are ideal stocking fillers or small gifts from the kids. There are Viking drinking horns, funny T-shirts and minster slippers amongst a hole range of silly gifts for Dad to have a laugh at when he opens it up. You can always count on something funny for the men of the family, and you can bring out the inner child in him with items that remind him of his youth. If he loved Star Wars as a kid, get him a lightsaber for a laugh and watch him turn into a man child in front of your very eyes.


A day out


If you want to treat your dad and the kids want to spend some time with him, then you can gift him a day out. Instead of an experience day though, you can get the kids to make an itinerary for the day to give to him as his present. The day could start with breakfast in bed cooked by the kids ( with your supervision ) then a trio out to the park or wherever you like, and a meal to finish off. He’ll have a great day with the kids and you’ll be able to take lots of photos to keep as memories for the future.


Something homemade


There’s nothing that says I love you than a homemade card and present made by the kids. Get the Dad out of the house for the day and bring out all of your crafting materials, then just let the kids go crazy. You may end up with a home that looks like a bomb has gone off, but it’s the thought that counts! It’s also a great option if you are on a tight budget but you still want him to feel special and loved on the day.




Lastly, if you trust your children to cook a simple meal, you can put them in charge of the kitchen for the evening and let them make a special meal for daddy. This might require some training beforehand and a lot of supervision, but your child will have fun controlling the situation and being the chef and waiter in their own restaurant for the evening. Sure, you might end up with a meal reminiscent of the breakfast from elf (spaghetti and maple syrup) but it will be a fun experience for everyone!