Life Hacks For Boy Mom’s

*This is a sponsored post. I did receive compensation for sharing about UHS Window Tinting and Blinds.*

We all hear the stories before having a boy. “My son jumped off the back deck and broke both legs,” “Well, my son tried to do a backflip into the pool and hit his forehead on the side of the pool instead.” Comments like this can be daunting and while a majority of boys are a ball of energy and a handful at some points in their lives, they are overall very good boys and no matter what, you will love them anyway – you just need some life hacks for boy moms to use along the way to make those challenging days a  bit easier!

I mentioned this in my post about the joys of being a parent and it’s so true: However, making memories is always going to bring a smile to your face, and no matter how old your children are, there are plenty of ways that you can make so many special memories. “From their first swimming lesson to their first day at school. You don’t necessarily even need to be doing anything! We do recommend that you scrapbook every moment, and then when they’re ready to leave home, you can look back on all of the amazing things that you’ve done with them. Of course, filling their life with tons of days out, holiday’s, and family events is obviously going to fill their life with joy, as well as yours!”


Yes, you will have tough days, but the joys definitely overweigh any bad day that you have and don’t worry – you will get through those bad days with a few hacks! Here are a few of my best life hacks to survive the sometimes crazy boy mom life:

Permanent Marker Eraser

Okay, this life hack is a sure way for any mom to survive those really challenging days. Let’s say that you are ready to walk out the door for the first day of school and you noticed that your son had drawn in permanent marker all over his shirt, or even worse…all over the walls in the kitchen. What do you do?! Your first instinct is to freak out, but if you know this life hack, you are set. To erase permanent marker on different things, use this list to help yourself out and save a lot of stress:


Clothes – Hand Sanitizer

Walls – Toothpaste or Hairspray

Wood – Rubbing Alcohol

Carpet – White Vinegar

Furniture – Milk

White Board – Dry Erase Marker or Pencil Eraser

Ceramic or Glass – 1 Part Toothpaste + 1 Part Baking Soda


Use Your Surroundings

Scary Mommy gives a great tip about using what is around you. They say, “Water has a way of calming and entertaining children. If your child is small enough, put him in the sink while you put dishes away or make lunches. If your sink is endlessly stacked or your child is older, bring a chair to the bathroom and turn the water on a light drizzle. Put your child in the tub with some measuring cups, and soon he will (hopefully) calm down, and then you might be able to accomplish something.”

Window Films

Whoops, a baseball or golf ball accidentally flew through your window. With kids, sometimes this happens and most of the time, it’s not their fault – they are just having fun and practicing a sport that they love. While it’s not their fault, it’s still a pretty big deal when this happens because windows are expensive. This is why I recommend protecting them, to begin within the first place. Offered by Metro-Atlanta company, UHS Window Tinting and Blinds, 3M window film products add a significant layer of security and safety to your windows. Adding “3M™ Safety & Security Window Films make windows harder to penetrate and help hold glass fragments together after impact from break-ins, natural disasters — or even wayward baseballs,” according to UHS Window Tinting and Blinds. In addition to holding the glass fragments together and making the window harder to break, window films also add other benefits that you, as a mom might love such as, reduced excessive heat and cold, reduced high energy costs, increased privacy, and more. UHS Window Tinting and Blinds is a family-owned and operated company serving the Greater Metro-Atlanta area which includes Johns Creek, Cumming, Duluth, Suwanee, Buford, Dunwoody, Douglasville, Lawrenceville, and Flowery Branch, and more. They are proud to be a trusted name that they have maintained throughout their many years in the window tinting business and have an A+ with the BBB, a five-star rating with, and more accolades.


Carry Toys With You

I have one more small hack for you and that is to bring toys with you when you go out to eat. Now, I’m not talking about huge dinosaurs or singing bears. I just mean something simple like a small notebook and crayons, or a small puzzle. This way, if your child is bored, he is less likely to throw a temper tantrum, act out, or get frustrated. Instead, he will hopefully be occupied for a bit with the few toys that you bring along.


Being a boy mom is definitely an adventure, but I love every single minute of it! Do you have any other hacks that have helped you along the way? Let me know below!