Best Man Gift Ideas

There are a lot of details involved in planning a wedding. From picking the venue and dress to booking a photographer and caterer, you will have a long list of things to do as you prepare for the big day. With so many big things to take care of it can be difficult to remember some of the smaller things, including the gifts for the bridesmaids and best man. Bridesmaids are easy to choose for with various options for wedding day jewelry and so on, but the best man could be a bit trickier. To help you out, here are some great suggestions for best man gifts.


Hip flask

A hip flask is a popular option for a best man gift, as they can be personalized and are a useful item to have around on a wedding day. You can choose from cool metal or leather varieties, and they are typically quite affordable.

A pocket watch

If you have a bigger budget to work with, then an engraved pocket watch is a wonderful gift to show the best man how much you appreciate him and what he’s done for your wedding. It’s a lovely way for the groom to share a personalized sentiment with his best man and makes a great accessory to complement their wedding look too.

Their favorite whiskey

This could be a great accompaniment to the hip flask or makes a good gift on its own. Showing that you both care about the best man by choosing a gift you know he’ll love, is a lovely thought and you can also personalize the label to add an extra special touch. This is one of the most popular best man gifts and is an easy one to pick up last-minute.

A personalized beer glass

A personalized beer print glass is another fun way to give a gift to your best man that can feature any message of your choosing. Personalized glassware for all of the wedding party can be a nice touch, especially for a pre-wedding toast, and is something that everyone will be able to keep in their homes after the wedding is over.


If it’s the best man’s first wedding, you may find that they don’t have cufflinks to fasten their dress shirt and that a gift of cufflinks is a nice touch for the wedding. There are different kinds of cufflinks that you’ll want to research before buying them to make sure that you pick the right ones. Engraving them with initials is a further touch you could add to make them a great gift.


As one of the last things you’ll be thinking of doing, gifts for the wedding party can be an unaccounted expense, and you may need to find some ways to save additional money to help you pay for them. Picking the right gift for the best man is a wonderful way for you to celebrate including them in your wedding party and one they’ll be able to cherish as they look back fondly on your big day.