Santa This Year I’d Like…A List That Won’t Drain My Balance!

Good Luck Santa


Tell me if this sounds familiar. You ask the kids to write a list to Santa sometime in November. They do so, and of course, as Santa’s official helper, you get to read them, but it’s at this point that the nightmare begins. With a quick calculation in your head, you discover that the full list well exceeds what you thought it would. In fact, it’s possible that the list your kids have given you add up to a thousand.


Now immediately, there are parents reading this thinking ‘ah, those kids are just spoiled.’ Possibly, but don’t be so sure because presents are expensive, particularly the Christmas best sellers. For instance, you might have a tween teenage boy or girl. If that’s the case, they could be asking for an Xbox One X for Christmas. That will cost you five hundred, plus games and you can bet, since last we checked it’s sold out, that the price is going to rise leading up to Christmas as suggested on Remember, it’s not just the main present, it’s everything you need to buy to make the darn thing worth buying.


PlayStation VR is another one that could be popular this year. Despite being a year old, it’s still well over three hundred, and that’s not included games and gear that you have to buy separately. Some of which is essential to create the full VR gaming experience.


Okay, but at least things are better for parents of tots right…right? Well, possibly but it might depend on whether you plan on taking your younger child to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi next month. You see, the film includes a little creature called a Porg and judging by the amount of merch these fellows have, Disney expects them to sell big. In fact, some stores are already sold out of the fluffy penguin like creatures. Those that aren’t are charging close to fifty for them.


Okay, so, now we’ve seen some of the issues that can make a Christmas list so expensive, let’s look at the solutions.


Remember Santa Only Has…

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If you have younger children, you should be able to come up with a variety of excuses to explain why Santa can’t bring so many gifts. A great one is the sleigh isn’t big enough, the reindeer will get tired, or Santa only makes so many toys for each girl and boy. A personal favorite? If you want to avoid kids asking for pets, just tell them that the St Nick doesn’t deliver animals. Then, watch the clever ones pull out The Santa Clause and prove you wrong as Tim Allen brings a puppy for one lucky kid.


Regardless, even with smart kids, there are ways of convincing them that they can only have so much for Christmas. You may even want to get them to star the three items they really want more than anything to make sure that an important present isn’t missed.


It’s important to understand that until a certain age for kids, Christmas is pure magic. They don’t understand the financial pressure you’re going to be under. They think it’s all coming from the man with a sack. As kids get older, you can explain to them the reality of the situation but up until then you have to put things in terms they understand. For instance, if something is sold out, the elf that makes it is probably sick.


Deals, Deals And Did I Mention Deals

It’s Not As bad As It Looks


Yes, like it or lump it you’ll find that there are various deals on in the run-up to Christmas. While they can be annoying, particularly if you’ve just bought something that’s crashed in price, they can also be useful.


The key sale to keep an eye on is certainly Black Friday. Black Friday takes place at the end of November and can be a lifesaver for parents on a tight budget. You can find more about it on You may not find the presents at the top of their list in the sales, but you’re sure to find a few of the lower hanging fruits. There’s also Cyber Monday, but the advice here would be to pick one and stick to it. The sales on Cyber Monday are usually what’s left over in November and don’t forget a lot of shops just use these sales to clear out stock that isn’t selling. So, don’t get roped into buying things that kids probably don’t want.


Get Money Under Control

If Only…


For some people, the issue with Christmas spending isn’t the cost per say but rather that their finances are already completely out of control. If that’s the case, then you should think about sorting your money out before the Christmas season begins. You still have a little time before kids start sending their lists to Santa.


You have a number of options to consider. Though, our recommendation would be that you look into debt consolidation. Check out a site like for more information. The main idea here is that you can clean up existing debt and therefore have a lot more money to spend on things you want or that your kids want like Christmas presents.


Once you have money under control, debt can be a little tax that you pay each month. It’s not going to stop you from getting the presents that your kids have asked for this year.


Alternatively, if you are fairly stable financially, you can borrow for Christmas and then pay it back in the new year. A lot of parents do this, particularly when Christmas lists are more expensive than they bargained for.


As you can see then, there are lots of ways to make sure that your kid’s Christmas wishlist to Santa doesn’t drain your bank balance. You can sort out your money, explain limitations in the way a kid will understand or just look out for the deals that will make everything cheaper. It’s entirely your choice which option you take here, and we hope this helps you handle the run-up to Christmas a little better.

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