Iggy Loo by Maria Ashworth, A new Holiday Favorite!

Did you know there are only 54 days until Christmas?! I still can’t believe it is Halloween already. We did the candy stuff and festivals the past couple weeks. Luckily Aiden had the chance to visit some fall festivals because he has been sick for over a week now. Poor kid hasn’t been able to catch a break, but that gave us time to read this adorable book, Iggy Loo, a few times.



redheadIggy Loo is a new children’s book by Maria Ashworth that is set to release tomorrow! (November 1, 2016) We were lucky enough to get an early reading and so thankful for it.  Iggy Loo is a sweet Christmas story that is perfect for the family. Iggy Loo is a penguin that is in a Christmas Snow Globe, and he is tucked away in a box every year until the following Christmas. Iggy Loo loves his red-headed owner, and he just wishes that he could enjoy the Holiday fun with her.  The pictures in this book are beautiful, and the sentences are perfect for beginner readers.

Iggy Loo is a great short Holiday read that is different from most Children’s Holiday Books. My five-year-old loves penguins, and he thought this was a sweet read. The ending even left him with a smile on his face.  There is also a cute DIY project at the end of this book, and you can make your snow globe. Aiden and I plan to make our own this week. But he has been so sick lately, so we have not gotten the chance to put our snow globe together. Which has also bummed him out a little. 🙁 ( we will come back and share, though.)


You can find Iggy Loo by Maria Ashworth on November 1st on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Clear Fork Publishing, and anywhere books are sold, make sure to ask your local bookstore!

You can also find Iggy Loo by using the following ISBN’s!

Hard cover 16.99 ISBN 978-0-9974370-9-6
Soft cover 10.99 ISBN 978-1-946101-99-0

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*I received an early reading of Iggy Loo in exchange for a post on the blog!*